I’m in my thirteenth hour of a holiday card design marathon.  While I’m still glued to the chair; rear end widening with each passing hour…..I’m realizing that the carpool pickup and Monday mayhem is starting in just a few precious hours.  And I STILL have not blogged the rest of our Cali sessions!  Here are a couple very quick peeks for our two remaining (amazing) families who have YET to see an image from our time together in L.A.  More to come!  😉

  • Tira J - Hang in there Angie! I will be praying that you don’t get sick. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Emily Busath Murdock - Thirteen hours? fa la la la la … ’tis the season! Always ironic that the more work we have to do, the less work that gets shown on our blogs 🙂

    Love everything that you do! 🙂

  • lisa pavin - That first picture is delicious!!!!! Gotta remember that for next year. LOL

  • Brittany Stover - These are simply DEVINE Angela! You are so talented. These truly took my breath away…every.single.one.