I think Kingston just might follow in daddy’s football footsteps!  I cannot believe this big guy let us stuff him in the helmet.

Now that shot above did not come about without a bit of hard work.  This is how Kingston spent the first couple hours of our session……WIDE AWAKE!  So glad he finally succumbed!Superbowl rings are very very big.  And heavy.  And sparkly.On Cloud 9.  😉

  • Mark Thompson - These pictures are beautiful. Kingston is precious. The family photo exudes pure happiness and rightfully so. We can’t wait to meet the little guy. God bless.

  • Suzanne Champagne - Beautiful pictures, adorable baby, happy family. Congrats!!

  • Mary Brown - These are absolutely awesome. I especially love the photo with the three of them in it, but I am partial to black and white photography. I would probably have to buy all of them. Can’t wait to see the other photos.

  • Richard Hathaway - Great pictures!!! Thank you for sharing your joy!

  • Wanda Merrill - As Kingstons’s Great-Aunt Wanda I am rather partial to this beautiful little guy, as well as his mom and dad, but I have to say objectively that these photos are just amazing! Thank you
    so much for sharing your love and joy.

    Wanda Merrill

  • Meghan - The ones of Kingston and the helmet/rings are an incredible idea! LOVE!

  • Kevin Cloud - Sweet!!! I’m proud of both of you. The lips and nose are definetly you bro. Just tell Kingston when he gets older, “No helmet to helmet hits”. The fines are drastic these days in the NFL.

  • Erin O'Connor - OMG Jenny…He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! These pics are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us! Think you need to start a Kingston Blog page:)

  • Barbara Francis - Oh Jenny baby Kingston is so precious. These photos are just beautiful. You can tell he is the light of your lives. I am so happy for you guys and I know you will enjoy Kingston. Love love love all the pictures.

  • Heather Boiani - those portraits are just amazing, love them all.

  • Ann Dainow - Love the pics!!! Precious baby. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics.

  • Tara Moretti - Wow, these pictures are breath taking. I love all of them.

  • Tricia Seeber - These are soo sweet, Jennifer! Just love him! Congratulations again!

  • Debbie Cherniak - beautiful. love them all. congrats and so happy for you all!

  • Jessica Gibson - Priceless!

  • Lisa Mudge - These are just beautiful and so touching! I love the emotions behind these pics!! Your already setting him up with success and putting the ring on his finger to symbolize greatness!

  • Katherine M - Beautiful, beautiful photos!

  • Jennifer Lindsey - What can I say, its like a kid before Christmas morning. Can’t wait to see the rest of our pics today. These are outstanding.

  • Erin O'Connor - Jenny…This photographer is absolutely amazing!!!!! Being in the children’s business I see a lot of pics….I have never seen any this amazing:) hope you share the rest with us!!

  • Brenda Horton - Jenny, Pictures of Kingston are just too cute my 2 favorite are Kingston in Dad’s helmet and the picture of your man kissing you on your nose
    Love Aunt Brenda

  • Brianna Phillips - Hey Jenny these pictures are just AMAZING!! I cant wait to see him in person but these pictures make me feel like i have already seen him.