Katie (7) + Charlie, Bobby & Will (2)–Dallas Child and Family Photography

Finally!  I am sharing some pics from our super fun shoot with Katie and her triplet brothers….

Mom said they have a “punch card” for the E.R.   After seeing this, I can see why!  These boys are so high energy and fun…..I wish I had gotten snaps of the giggles (no tears!) after this tumble.  But I was busy recovering from a mini heart attack.

  • Anneli - A'la Foto - Cute pictures with adorable kids! Love the first one on the whole group! They look so happy…all of them..their eyes sparkles! :O))

  • admin - thank you anneli!!

  • Mary Kennedy - The pictures of our grandchildren are wonderful.
    They are having so much fun. You did a great job
    of capturing their smiles and personalities! Mary

  • April & Rob - Angie & Matt – amazing work! Your patience is incredible and you do an unbelievable job of capturing our crazy kids in their element. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics from the shoot.