Another session from before Christmas…love these brothers.  SO gentle with their new baby!

  • Courtney - Oh my sweetness! Love the one of brother hugging and cradling his baby sister! Beautiful pictures!

  • Portrait Photography Denver - They are giving warm welcome to their baby sister and showing their love to her. Last one is my favorite.

  • Mike - You got so many great pictures, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  • Rachel Stables - These are so beautiful. Will be so nice when I can meet her in person.

  • Charlotte Tomlinson - They are all so gorgeous! Wonderful idea, the baby cradled by adult hands. Can’t wait to meet her!

  • jenny - So very precious. What a beautiful family!

  • Jason - Those are great!!!!

  • David - Too cute!

  • Anne - Such a gorgeous family!!! The last pic is the most precious thing ever!

  • Bobby Goldie - WOW!!!




    : )

  • Phyllis Davis - These are adorable, sweet children reflected so well in the pictures..I say this as a very proud grandmother!

  • Julie - Angela, you have a wonderful talent working with newborns and siblings to capture their essence! Love the beautiful pictures!

  • Jacqueline Pham Nguyen - Oh so Beautyful Pham Davis Children. Great pictures
    Love all these pictures.

  • Olivia - Wonderful pictures! What a beautiful family!

  • Raad - Congrats Mike and Julie! Beautiful pictures. Julien and Ashton look happy to have a baby sister 🙂

  • TJ - Fantastic shots of the kiddos! Love the last one. So cute.

  • Edward - Beautiful photography. It takes a real talent to capture these moments so well. Congratulations Mike and Julie!

  • Aimee - These pictures are unbelievable!!! Truly beautiful!! Love them!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Bo - These are absolutely adorable, 2 brothers and little sister

  • Matt Hawkes - Congrats Mike – What a great family you have 🙂

  • jenny lui - they are sooooo… cuuuute….
    beautiful kids, beautiful pictures. really love the black-white one, very creative.

  • Tommy - These are such great pictures of the kids!… Looks like big brothers will be watching over Mikayla very closely.

  • Kathryn - what beautiful children and beautiful pictures!

  • Pascal - This is great, very happy for you. The pictures are excellent, can’t get better than this. Looking forward to see you live soon.

  • Adnan - Love the last picture. Is that a professional hand model?

  • Scott - Beautiful pics!

  • Jan - Auf diesem Weg nochmals alles Liebe und Gute für Euren 3 Kleinen! Sie ist einfach eine echte Prinzessin und ich kann es kaum erwarten sie hoffentlich bald mal in Person zu sehen.
    Fühlt Euch alle gedrückt!!!!

  • Ann Lam - These pictures are so cute, they spontaneously showed so much love and tenderness of her brothers for her!

  • adele forman - beautiful pictues!

  • Suzanne Roberts - Beautiful children! Wonderful pictures! I like the way she makes the baby comfortable and the children smile.

  • Jennifer Bishop - These are adorable!

  • Margaret - What beautiful children. You must be so proud!

  • Jody Bishop - These are great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jan LaViolette - Oh my goodness these are adorable pictures. I must admit I am slightly partial to the oldest brother, though. Congratulations on your beautiful family!

  • June - They captured the essence of the baby and kids! The pictures are gorgeous!

  • Irina - Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

  • Danny - Nice photos…what’s up with the easter colors?