Julian (6 months)

Oh my goodness we had such a good time with this little man. So easy and happy! I typically just keep shooting till a baby lets me know that they have had *enough*.  But he just kept going and going and going…..happy as can be.  Mom and dad will be tortured with too many to choose from!

  • Toria - Angie,
    You are a GENIUS! These are amazing. You are right. We are going to be tortured trying to pick out photos.

    Thanks for making me feel and look beautiful… Julian’s mom

  • Jeronica Goodwin - Oh my God! How beautiful you and the family are. I love you all so much. I want one :-)…

  • Shanee' - Angela, these are so awesome. We are going to have to make an appointment very soon. Toria, David and Julian you are beautiful!!

  • Russatta - If I had a baby and lived in Dallas, I’d definitely hire you in a second. Though my friend and her family are already beautiful, you did a wonderful job of capturing them.