Miss Sarah is a hunk of yummy baby love….coming in at nearly 11 pounds at birth, this sweet butterball is so super cuddly!  Love these beautiful sisters…

  • Tasha - OMG – they look like little angels. LOVE their dresses

  • Debbie Cannon - Those are beyond adorable. GORGEOUS! I love Sarah in that basket-all 3 look angelic! LOVE them!!!:)

  • Cally - Love them, miss you guys!!

  • Robyn Montgomery - ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ! These pictures are just amazing. Your girls are truly beautiful…. love the pretty pink dresses !

  • Anne - The girls are precious and Julia & Anna look so proud to be big sisters. Can’t wait to meet Sarsh:)

  • Shannon Estes - Beautiful!!!! They are so sweet…what a blessing!

  • Ashley - Precious! These pictures are adorable!!

  • Ranger - great pics!

  • Missy Eitreim - They are all so beautiful! I love the one where Anna and Julia are looking at Sarah, big sisters taking care of their baby sister. So sweet!

  • Kristi Voinis - What a beautiful family you have Amanda! The girls really look beautiful in those dresses!

  • Holley Burns - I am in love with these beautiful girls! These photos are just precious and gorgeous! I love, love, love the first one! I can’t wait to meet baby Sarah! I am so happy for you and Jesse! What wonderful blessings!

  • Amy Howard - These r such beautiful pictures! Priceless!;-)

  • Grandma Susie - These pictures take my breath away! Such Precious Little Angels! So sweet and amazing! Our family is blessed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grandma Susie - These pictures take my breath away! Such Precious Little Angels! So sweet and amazing! Our Family is so blessed!!!!!

  • Aunt Terri - Julia, Anna, & Baby Sarah are SO amazingly beautiful, I know you and Jesse are SO very proud!! We love you all so much & cannot wait to see you soon!! xoxox

  • Aunt Terri - These are so beautiful! I cannot wait to see you all soon, we love you so very much! xoxox

  • Uncle Joseph - Love Every Picture! They are stunning! So anxious to see you all, love you!!

  • Taylor Jacobs - I am so in love with her rolls! Pictures are beautiful. Such a sweet family you have.

  • Nicole - What a beautiful family,these pictures turned out fab!

  • Aunt Tiffy - L.O.V.E. these pictures! All three girls are such a blessing. Can’t wait to see all of you again soon. Love yall!

  • Kimberly Duffy - Just as beautiful as your sister said they were!

  • Christine - Such fabulous pics of an incredibly beautiful family!!

  • Natalie Williams - Love these. What 3 beautiful lil angels

  • Lindsay - So cute!!! And I love the black and whites.

  • Annette - So beautiful….

  • Meredith - Amanda, what beautiful photos. the girls are precious, and i cant wait to meet Sarah!