Judson (12days)

Ooohhhh….Love it when moms bring their own adorable knits to a session!  (please see etsy.com for a variety of amazing, handmade stuff!)

Mr. Judson not only takes the cake for the cutest little man with the most fun hats and knits….but also he wins in the bodily function department.  I was warned…..but man this kid can GO!  (and go, and go, and go…)  Wink to you mom and dad!  It was actually very funny.    😉






  • Amanda - I love love love the green one.. and i love all your stuff.. your amazing. 🙂

  • Dustin - What a wonderful way to wake up! I’ve been checking your blog at least ten times a day. Great job. We love them.

  • Rita - Absolutely adorable, amazing photos, precious family.

  • Kristin - I absolutely love all the pictures. Can’t wait to see the rest next week. Judson is still going…lol

  • Mikki - These are FABULOUS!!! Doesn’t hurt that you have the cutest little one to work with either. Great photography!

  • Kacey - How precious! These are the cutest pictures EVER!

  • tameka - Love the pictures. He is adorable just like his parents. Wishing you and your family many many more blessings.

  • Kathryn - These are amazing and he is ADORABLE. Who knitted all of these pieces? XOXO

  • Jeanette - They are precious. I see now why you wanted to take him to Dallas. Let me know when there is more.

  • kellie granberry - these are all absolutely great. wonderful idea and of course the cutest subject in the world, thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  • tammi - The pics are absolutely beautiful!!

  • becky - a true miracle from God! so sweet and innocent. love them all.

  • Lyndie and Damon - What a precious little man! He is so beautiful….we could not be happier for you 🙂

  • Ricky - He just gets prettier everyday His proud Grand Pa

  • Auntie - I believe in beautiful miracles! Each picture of Judson Pierce
    is a masterpiece of love and joy and a new beginning.