Joseph+Emma (9 week old twins)

Such sweet babies celebrating a milestone…yesterday was their actual due date and they are doing just great!

  • Micheal Vaughan - Oh so cute, we are blessed. XOXO, Micheal

  • Mimi & PaPa - I just fell out of my chair. I’m going to kiss all their fingers & toes, ears, tummy and anything else I can find when I see them tomorrow. Cutie Pies..

  • Leti Hernandez - Life is truly a miracle and I’m looking at two beautiful ones right now. Thank you, God!

  • Anya Coleman - There images are priceless!!!I love them so much!!!

  • Wendy - God is great! What priceless pictures!

  • Susan Palmer - Two precious little miracles – sweet blessings from Heaven captured so beautifully! Cherish every minute – congrats to you both!

  • Laura Rychlewski - Wow! They look so beautiful! I can’t believe how big they are now. I just want to squish on them! These pics are wonderful! I’m so happy for you, Terry and Jeff!! xxoo

  • Schanette - You and Jeff are so very Blessed!! They are precious, beautiful and truly a gift from God.