Baby Grant’s big brothers were also once newborn photo subjects in our studio……make time STOP!

  • Emily - Love the pictures!

  • Jackson - Great pictures

  • alison - absolutely precious! three of the most beautiful boys ever.

  • Jason - Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • eugene - This baby must have a differnt father.

  • eugene - cute baby!

  • Charmi - Very cute pictures!!! What a great lifetime memory!

  • Bob Stoops - Aint no way that boy’s a Sooner!

  • lindsay white - CUTE PICS!!!

  • Gilbert - These pictures are great! Grant is a good looking baby!

  • Derek "Crazy Legs" - I’d rather cut off one of my legs than pick which picture I like best. These are great!

  • Jen Cross - What amazing pictures! I love the one of Jackson holding baby Grant with Davis gazing on. Pure sweetness!

  • Jessica - Absolutely darling!!! Congrats on your new addition!!

  • Cheramie - Love love love them!

  • Nick - So cute. Congratulations and Hook Em!

  • Heather - Breathtaking!!!

  • Egil - Great pics, you’re kids are beautiful!

  • Jason - Cute pics! Thanks for sharing.

  • Milton Smylie - These pictures Help me Believe in the Beauty of Life Milton

  • kathleen - those are so cute. I can’t wait to see all of them!

  • Jeanne Ochsenschlager - Precious children! Precious Photos! Love seeing your three beautiful boys!

  • Charlotte Sharpe - Wow! Incredible pics, good-looking crew!

  • Philip - Great looking kids!

  • brenda obermeyer - Love love love. what great photos

  • Liv - What a handsome family!

  • Todd Ochsenschlager - Awesome pictures!

  • Kari - Amazing photos! Such handsome guys.

  • Jewel Jessup - They are so “precious” Thanks for sharing.

  • Robert - Beautiful kids!

  • Audra - Such great pics! Love them.

  • Jack - Looks great!

  • SaxManRan - Got some cute kids! Definitely take after the mother!! 🙂
    Great shots!

  • Cory and Holly - 2 more and you have a basketball team.. Which one is Dirk again?

  • Brandi - Such sweet pictures. I love the one with Grant’s eyes open. They all look adorable.

  • Charley Sacher - I love my grand children. Thank you Emily & Jason
    Love Mom and Dad

  • Tami - Great pictures!!! They are adorable:)

  • Johnny Sparrow - Such good looking boys!

  • Lisa - Precious of all three boys – think Grant looks like a Bruin though!:)

  • Cam Leitz - Love these photos!