Our first session of the new year….and it should go without saying that it was the first time we had seen an actual, real-live Olympic gold medal.  Amazing!  Little Rush’s daddy is a legendary swimmer and a super nice guy, too!  But I think the sweetest part of this session had to be watching 7 year old big brother, Jack, love on his new baby brother.  Awww!

  • Amy Jerke - that second photo is soooo amazing! everything about it, the colors, the light, and how natural the moment is!

  • Lana Whelan - Beautiful pictures!

  • Rebecca Rathman - The photography is exceptional and it doesn’t hurt to have such a beautiful family to photograph.

  • Cathy Freeman - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. They capture the love they share.

  • Denise Sears - These are beautiful!! What a beautiful family!!!

  • Vicki Hannum - Wow, fabulous and beautiful!

  • Michele Berube - Angie, you are an amazing photographer! We can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  • Gail Bayne - Amazing portraits of one of my favorite families,

  • Cheri Leatherwood - What an adorable little baby boy! What a fabulous way to ring in the new year! And what a sweet big brother! Congratulations to all of you! Especially Grandmother Lana!!

  • Wyn Sheree - So beatiful! Congrats Berube family! You make very handsome baby boyz!

  • Shelley Wollman - You truly captured the love, beauty and joy in that amazing family!!!

  • Ryan Rathman - Great pics!

  • Tiffany - Love, love this family and the pictures capture the love within this family!!

  • Jean Crawford - These portraits are amazing! You ROCK Angela! Lana, thank you so much for sharing these as I will not be out to see you until June. Look how our little treasure is smiling with his Mommy! LOVE – LOVE – LOVE all of these portraits and hope to see more. Jack is so dear! Love you all and miss you. x0x0x0x0

  • TIffany Walker - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – oh the love that Rush has with his family!!

  • Jill Meletio - Gorgeous photography and family! What a joy viewing these!

  • Nicole Lehman - Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family!

  • cheryl meadows - absolutely beautiful family!!

  • Kay and Roy Baker - Absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!