I’ll be honest- I get a nervy right before we photograph teens.  We are so used to the antics that get little kids energetic and ready for the camera, that I fear we will fall back into those habits and look like complete fools!  Couple that with the fact that many HS senior guys would rather do anything else than have a portrait session, and you can see why sometimes I get butterflies.   OK, well, this shoot was one that I would do day after day after day.  The light!  The location! The guitar! Those EYES!  It was such a refreshing surprise to have Jack genuinely interested in and having fun at our session.  He is an amazing guy, and I know his parents are way proud of him.  And those beautiful twins?   We’ve photographed them since they were 18 MONTHS OLD, during which time the majority of the session focused on making sure they didn’t run out into the street in two separate directions.  🙂  You’ve come a long way, ladies, and it’s our honor to see and know you now.

  • Tracy LaPietra - Angie/Matt…the pictures are fantastic as always! They always look forward to seeing you guys!!
    Thanks so much..

  • Murphmania - Good lookin bunch

  • Zarins - Great shots, miss u

  • Carrie Ford - Great Pictures.. They look just like models!!
    Angela you are the best!!