After a Looooong hiatus from blog posting and Facebook updating, we’re back!  We traveled to Indiana for a week and then to Chicago to see my little brother graduate high school.  I know, right?  We are 18 years apart, and I cannot WAIT till he goes to U of Michigan next year and we can come up for a football game!

Up on the blog next is a precious little man.  Here’s Jack.  So smiley!


  • Mandi - OMG, too cute!!!

  • Tom Smith - so sweet, remember him this small, they grow so fast!

  • james - YES O.M.G. how cute. I want one

  • Andrea - Do I have the cutest baby nephew or what!?! We live far away and won’t be able to meet him for a while so these beautiful pictures have been a wonderful way to get to experience the first few weeks of his life. So beautiful.

  • JiJi - Precious pictures, precious smile, precious baby. Just Precious Period.

  • Ariane - Have you ever seen anything more precious? He’s such a sweet angel and these pictures capture his personality perfectly!

  • Poppy - Hey Jack, Lookin good!

  • JiJi - Precious baby. Precious pictures. Precious period.

  • Kimberly - LOVE him! Sooo freaking adorable.
    Our favorite is the one of him in the black hat in the proofs!!!
    Congrats you guys!

  • Britni - He is so precious! I can’t wait to see him!

  • Dwight - Cute boy! Excited to see him!

  • Mike - He’s all smiles; too cute.

  • Ashley Coker - Thank you so much Angie for the beautiful pictures of our sweet Jack! They are amazing!!

  • John Coker - Excellent work Angie!!

  • Ashley - Thanks for the beautiful pictures of our sweet Jack! They are amazing!!

  • LEITA POTEET - These are so precious, you have to be so proud of this bundle of joy. Great photography!!!!!

  • JESSICA POTEET - So precious, and great photography. What a sweet family picture. You must be so proud….

  • JESSICA POTEET - Awwww, you must be proud, not quite a chihuahua but cute!!!!

  • carla - love the expression on his precious face and how his little hand is positioned. too cute. great pics.

  • jarod poteet - Sweet family picture. Wow, what great photography!!!!!

  • willie code - Sweet, sweet pictures. What more can i say!!!!

  • clyde haynie - What a sweet grandbaby. It has to be one of the cutest in the world it looks just like papa (beautiful).!!!!