Daniella is a fourth beautiful baby for this beautiful family…

  • Dotti - Beautiful pictures!

  • Sarah Smith - Precious, beautiful photos of your family. Thanks for sharing them with us!! xo Sarah

  • Sara Rahn - She is so adorable. Her eye lashes are AMAZING! Love the 1st pic. before/after:-)

  • Cathy - The photos are adorable!!

  • michelle fitch - what a loveable little basket of joy 🙂

  • beth - Love the photos!

  • Rachel - Love these photos! Welcome sweet Daniella… Your adorable, and so are these photos! I love her eye lashes!!!

  • Suzanne Akhtar - What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Amy - Love the one of you pregnant & the holding her! Turned out great!

  • Shanon - So sweet!!!! Love the one with all the kids…

  • Amy Ostella - Daniella is precious and your family is beautiful! Such fun pictures:)

  • Rachel Rahn - All the pictures are precious – what a beautiful family and what a blessing!

  • Angelina - Amazing…

  • The Parkers - She is so beautiful!

  • Laura - Daniella is precious. I especially love the one with her wrapped in lavender. They are all beautiful!

  • Sophie - I love the before and after. So tender and full of emotion…