Hooray for James!

We’re back!  We had the best time this past week at Disney World.  Yes, the sensory overload was mind boggling and the infinite avenues for entertainment were overwhelming. But the best part?  The BEST part was waking up each day, knowing that we would spend the entire day, just the 4 of us, doing FUN STUFF.  No computers and no phones!  Just fun.

And I’d post pics, really I would…..if I weren’t such a BAD snap shot photographer of my own kids.  Really.  They run from me when I whip out the camera.  Getting pics of them normally entails bribery with sugary treats, and well,  did we really need any more of that when they were already bouncing off the walls?  But trust me, we do have pics of Ava with Cinderella at the castle, Cal hiding his little face from the giant Goofy and me almost hurling in the tea cup ride.  And our family album from Disney will be full of laughs and good times.

OK, well….about James.  So, I am here tonight getting caught up on all the work from last week.  Which entails cropping images that clients ordered and our retoucher, James, prepared for me to send to the lab.  See, the images that I post on the blog are quick proof edits that I process and then jazz up a bit in Photoshop.  They are not print ready.  The images that hang on our cleints’ walls are true works of art….each have been carefully enhanced and perfected by James.  What I love about his work here is the tones he brings out in this sweet baby.  Not gimmicky or too processed.   Just creamy and yummy…and perfect.

Thanks James, from us here in Texas to you out there in Thailand.  We love the relationship we’ve had with you for almost 7 years and we look forward to many more!

  • michelle peek - Angela~
    Your work is beautiful. Do you ever train other photographers. I am a new photographer in Houston and would be ecstatic to learn. I know you probably get these messages all the time, but thought I would ask.

    Michelle Peek

  • apicha - I love your work but I am in Thailand. Any chance to have my baby taken a picture with your team?