We got to photograph Miss Harper as a little baby, and now she is a big sister!


  • Nita Sherrard - Angie and Matt, thank you so much for capturing our family so beautifully. We treasure the images from the session with Harper as a baby, as I know we will treasure these.

  • Kerry Caldwell - Nita, these pictures couldn’t be any more beautiful!!! Congrats to you all, Henry is so cute!!!

  • Courtney - Harper is so beautiful and getting so big and Henry is just a DOLL! I am dying over the pic of him with the blue knit hat and that precious little smile?! Congrats to y’all’s family!!

  • Leah - What a beautiful family Nita! Congrats on a precious baby boy.

  • Theresa - These pictures are simply beautiful. Captures the innocence of children. Harper is breathtaking. Watch out mommy and daddy, she is going to be a heartbreaker! Henry and his cute little smile and my favorite!

  • Erica - What a beautiful and perfect little family of four!!!

  • Brianna - Congrats, Sherrard family! The new addition is precious and Harper looks so proud!

  • Nikki - Such a beautiful family! Pics are adorable!

  • Vicki - Love these sweet pictures! We can’t wait to meet our new nephew and Will is so excited to have another boy in the family!!

  • Katie Eliason - Such beautiful pics! Love you guys!!

  • Angela Colmenero - Nita, these newborn photos of Henry are just perfect. The entire family looks so happy! I love the one of Harper holding Henry!

  • Gordon - Wonderful images. Great subjects and great posing. Beautiful children.

  • Randy - Wow these are great!

  • Marcus - These are awesome!

  • Jonathan Hanson - Adorable children! They clearly take after their mother…

  • Matt - Harper looks like she is enjoying being a big sister!

  • Brian - So beautiful!!! These are awesome!

  • Emily - Beautiful! I cannot wait to meet the newest member of your family. I love the photographs!

  • Suruchi - Henry is such a perfect addition to a beautiful family. Harper is going to be an awesome big sister!

  • Kelsey - Absolutely stunning!!!!!

  • Jerrod - Amazing pictures! Such a beautfil family – what a blessing!

  • Kit Nordmark - Such beautiful pictures! I especially love Harper’s mani and she looks like a natural with her new baby brother. What a gorgeous family… Henry’s one lucky guy 🙂 So exciting. Congrats!!!

  • Vince Cordero - Hi Saber these are awesome! Congrats on such a beautiful family!

  • Gordon Murray - Beautiful family photos. You and Saber manufacture a good product!

  • Natausha - Awesome pictures….what an amazing looking family. Harper looks like a very proud big sister!

  • Kate - Adorable! These pics are amazing – congratulations to you Nita, Saber, and Harper! Henry is just perfect!

  • Andrew - These pictures are fantastic. We are excited about meeting Henry!

  • Allison - These pictures are so cute! Can’t wait to see him in person!

  • Josh (BD) - What amazing photos! Henry and Harper look fantastic (brought their A-game)!

  • Spencer - Awesome pics! So great you can capture those initial moments

  • Missy D - What a darling family! So happy that darling Henry is here and big sis is as cute as ever. Congrats Sherrard family!