Our trip to Atlanta last weekend started with a shoot at a horse farm with these beautiful twins and their super nice mom and dad.  I mean, who could not LOVE this shoot???  Lauren, Hailey and their mom love to ride their two horses and dad is just so sweet and supportive of his girls.  LOVE it.  It was a bit tortuous trying to grab a few images to show on the blog, I could have posted so many more!

  • Pam Hoffman - These pictures are beautiful and they show the love this gorgeous family shares. The emotions you see are real and are captured time and time again. When the girls are all grown up I know that these photos will give lasting memories, truly a treasure for all who know them.

  • Brian Crofts - love the setting–these are incredible.

  • Ruth Williams - Breathtaking, amazing… I have no words. Lucky family!
    The image of them on top of the horse is just incredible. What a blessing of a session!

  • PAPA - Papa thinks his girly girls are beautiful, and Mom and Dad aren’t bad either

  • Estelle Tice - Nannie thinks her granddaughter and great-grandgirls are beautiful and these pictures really capture the spirit of this family!

  • Kristen Overbay - Angela–I have been a long time follower. You are simply UNREAL. These images are absolutely fabulous!

  • Grethel - So beautiful!! all of them!