Baby Greyson, five days new….

  • Jenny - OMG – all that hair – I love it! Your newborn work is pure perfection. Big Fan!

  • Tiffanee Siri Ellman - SO AMAZINGLY PRECIOUS!!! We loveeeeee!!! Cannot wait to see the rest!!! Thanks so incredibly Matt and Angie!! These are PERFECT.

  • Alberto & Paty - Good looking baby!! Awesome pics!!

  • Kasumi - These are wonderful…

  • brian ellman - these pictures are lovely

  • Mollie Spicer - Awww…. These are precious! Swooning for Baby Greyson!!!

  • Mark Filipek - Spectacular pics. Congrats!!!

  • Mary Anne Martin - He is adorable!!! Enjoy every momement with him…it will go by very quickly.


  • Kellee Kelton - He is GORGEOUS–I love freshies

  • Sally Davenport - Congratulations Tiffanee!!!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful!

  • liv gardner - he is most precious! love the pics.

  • cindy - love the anne geddes inspired pictures. can’t believe how serene and tiny he looks! congratulations!

  • jennifer robinson - He is so handsome. Thank you for sharing! Congratulations!

  • LT - where’d y’all get that sweet brunette Trump toupee’?

  • amy horton - he is baby perfection! gorgeous pictures!

  • Nony - Tiffanee & Richard,
    He REALLY is precious and the pictures are priceless…I recognize the hand holding him and the photography is fabulous! It must be a little of Richard’s heritage…a couple of these look like a monkey in Richard’s hand…the “apple does not fall far from the tree.”
    Congratulations on a handsome boy and we share your excitement of New Life! NONY

  • Lisa M - soooooo handsome!!! great pictures! congratulations again on your little bundle of joy.

  • Sophie - So gorgeous. Love your work!!

  • Kirsten - He is PRECIOUS!!!!

  • Fredricka D - So adorable. Makes me want another baby. 🙂

  • zago cynthia - It’s amazing what photographers can do!lovely pictures,congratulations and thank you for sharing us the beauty of life!

  • Ami - oh tiffanee! he is absolutely precious precious!! can’t wait to meet him!

  • Ann Cox - Tiffanee – Baby Greyson is adorable – thank you so much for sharing. Ann

  • Marc & Kathy Flores - T & R – Such great pictures! Almost enough to make us want one more….ALMOST! LOL! Can’t wait to meet him. Congrats and welcome to parenthood. Exciting times.