Got Reflux?

I see babies every day, and I am constantly amazed that so many parents are battling the same evil monster that we did with both our babies…..reflux. I thought I’d share the biggest blessing that happened to our family during that time: Pediatric Chiropractic. With Ava, she was 5 months old when we discovered Lomonaco Family Chiropractic in Highland Village. She had been medicated with Zantac for 3 months and while her symptoms were much better with the medication, I just felt awful about giving my tiny fragile baby an adult medication for heart burn. Within one adjustment we quit the Zantac cold turkey with no problems. (I had tried for months to wean her off the medication with no success). With Cal, he was born with such bad reflux that at the age of just 3 days he had to have an upper GI xray just to make sure that all the “plumming was right.” I begged our pediatrician to give us through the weekend to begin the treatments and medication she wanted to prescribe to him, and we drove as fast as we could to the Lomonaco’s. Again, we had great success and Cal is still drug free. We have learned so much about natural health care and maintenence of the immune system through these amazing doctors. In addition to helping to cure the reflux, our kids have had ear infections healed and allergies cleared. Its truly amazing to see such healing through a gentle treatment that helps the nervous system most effectivly run the other systems of the body. I really recommend looking into this treatment if your family is sleepless and your baby is miserable!