Nearly every weekend this fall Matt and I have found ourselves on a plane traveling to photograph a fabulous family.  (Just got back from NYC last night!)  Last weekend we got to go to the Atlanta area to see this gorgeous and fun bunch, along with their newest family member….a beautiful paint horse named Santana.  Santana was not too keen on being in the family pictures, but we so loved being around his stable and the amazing fall colors!


  • christy - Oh, wow, if I would’ve known you were in my city (Atlanta) I might have come to the airport for my celebrity siting. 🙂

  • Heidi - Thank you Angie and Matt for a fun shoot!! We look forward to seeing everything and as always your photos are amazing. Thanks for flying in last minute..we were so excited when we heard you could make it on that date! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    The DeRosas

  • Sophie - Wow. Absolutely gorgeous, and the images are practically bursting with happiness!! 🙂

  • Caitlin - As usual, I am just BLOWN away! These are gorgeous!!! I just adore the photos!!

  • Sophie - WOW. Each image is more amazing than the last, and you captured this family’s joy so beautifully!!

  • Sherwood Photography - What a great set of photographs! My favorites are the one with the backlit horse and the last one on the leaf-covered road. Great job!