Posing Guide terms of use

Terms of Use

By making your purchase you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.

– All images and text are copyright © Angela Weedon Photography.

– You are not permitted to alter or edit the files in any manner for any reason.

– You will not share or re-sell the Posing Guide.

– You agree not to show images/scans of the guide online (or in any other medium).

– Understand that we will take action against any violation of the copyright.

– Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds given.

– This product is in PDF and JPG file formats only.


– You are responsible for printing the product from the provided files if you choose.

– By making this purchase you agree to back up this file appropriately. We cannot resend links for the download after 30 days of the initial purchase.

We are confident that, as an artist, you understand the great time, effort, and dedication it takes to produce a work.  Please help us maintain our business by respecting our hard work and intellectual property.

For any questions, please contact us at studio@weedonphoto.com.



Please keep in mind that these are guidelines and may not perfectly fit your software or hardware.


How to download the guide:

1. Click on the link above, which will open a web page.
2. On that page, click on the link to begin the download.
3. Locate your Downloads folder on your computer.
4. Double click or right click on the folder and select “extract.”
That’s it! Your copy of the posing guide is ready to use!


How to load onto your iPhone or iPad:

The image-only Mobile Gallery is intended as a quick-access field guide to help you remember poses during your shoots. If you want to refer to the details of each pose, you can load the full JPG Format version on your phone as well.

1. After you have downloaded and unzipped the files on your computer, you can transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. You can synch them with iPhoto, or you can just attach them to an email and send them to yourself.
2. Open the email with the attached files, press and hold until the option to “Save Image” appears. Tap. The image will be saved in Photos. Repeat for each file.
3. You can do this with the Mobile Gallery, JPG Format, and PDF versions of the guide.
***Alternately, you can use iZip or a similar app to open the zipped file directly on your iPhone or iPad.***


How to order the spiral-bound proof book from White House Custom Color:

1. Open ROES.
2. From the drop down list of products, select “Thrifty Proofing 4×6”. Add each JPG file (from the folder titled “Angela Weedon Posing Guide jpg format”) as you normally would when ordering prints.
3. When you have added all of them to your order, click on the “Review Order” button and look for “Binding.” Choose “Bind on Long Side” (we like the clear cover).
4. Finish your order as you normally would.