Flat Stanley

Our daughter’s second grade project this fall was to send her little “buddy” Flat Stanley to a friend or family member far far away.  When Stanley returns, he tells the story of the places he saw and the people he met.

Well, I think Ava’s Flat Stanley got the trip of a lifetime.  Wouldn’t you say?

He got to go visit our retoucher, James, and his family.  This is James’ wife, Oiy and their little guy Liam. Thanks Liam, Oiy and James for showing Flat Stanley around Bangkok!  Ava has decided that next time she’d like to go for a tour, too.  Smart girl!

  • Heidi Stone Photography - Seriously cracking up over that last picture! So great.

    Looks like Flat Stanley had an awesome trip!

  • Tira J - OMG!!!! How awesome is this? You had me at Flat Stanley! He is quite the world traveler. Oiy and James live in a beautiful part of the world. The last photo is priceless. Thanks for making me smile today Ava & Angie! 🙂

  • Jennifer Mulligan - I saw this when you posted it – but it still cracks me up!!! How nice of James!! I laughed out loud – this is awesome…