Does it get any more precious than this family?  We just love these guys, and we are over the moon excited about the arrival of sweet Ryder Joseph!


  • Cortney - I can not get over how adorable they are – you can see how much Faith & Grace adore their new baby brother!!

  • kelley lynn - Absolutely beautiful pictures. I cant pick a favorite because they are all so adorable …..

  • Michelle - Beautiful family! I love the ones with the whole family, and the ones of the girls adoring their baby brother!

  • Laura - LOVE the pics of the girls with their little brother! They are enamored. Your family is gorgeous J!!

  • Kelly Spezzano - Precious family! That little Ryder, I can hardly contain myself, he’s so cute!

    Beautiful pics!

  • Melody Fields - I wish I’d had photos like these taken s when my kids were younger. So beautiful!

  • Nicole - Your family is so precious. Love all of the pictures! Gorgeous!

  • Amy - Love love love them! I can’t pick a favorite!

  • Misty - Can these pictures be any more precious?

  • Karin - Beautiful family! Beautiful photos!

  • Portia Davis - Love them all

  • Jazzy - Beautiful family!!! My favorites photos are the ones with the girls with Baby Brother.

  • Melissa - Seriously a beautful family! Such wonderful pictures of such precious kiddos! Stunning!

  • Sarah - Beautiful photos of a gorgeous family!

  • Ashley - Your family is amazing Janice! And Weedon photography did such an amazing job! I wish I lived closer to go to them too!!! 🙂 Such an amazingly beautiful family! 🙂

  • Destiny - Absolutely beautiful!! You can see the love Faith and Grace have for Ryder!! Amazing 🙂

  • Janice - Gorgeous Angie! I’m always in awe of how you and Matt can capture so much of their personality!

  • John - These photos are fantastic. The warmth and love pours out of t them.

  • Jon Olick - So adorable! =D Fantastic photos!

  • Christina - What a beautiful family! The pictures reflect how much love they all have for each other.

  • Danille - No way could I pick a favorite. Your family has way more than your fair share of beauty 🙂

  • Tamarah - What a beautiful family and amazing light in all these photos. LOVE them!

  • amanda blakeley - beautiful!! what a sweet family!

  • Diana - Absolutely gorgeous photos! Especially love the ones of the girls and Ryder

  • Jenny Billot - Love this family! How adorable! Love the ones with the entire family. Congrats on your baby boy!

  • Kristin - These came out so great! They are all so cute!!! 🙂

  • Diana - They are so beautiful! Love how the girls look at their baby brother 😀

  • R - What cute kids. Happy family!

  • Morgan - You did an amazing job at capturing such beautiful moments of a beautiful family!

  • Nina - These are gorgeous. The timing on the first picture is completely perfect.

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