Ooowheee!  I am so behind!  I’m gong to TRY to catch up on blogging some of the sessions we had before our vacation.  Here are Faith and Grace…..Faith is only two but man was she amazing at following direction and being so sweet with little Grace:

  • Janice - Love the pictures! You really captured Faith’s personality. She’s been the best big sister!

  • cyndi - These photos are so beautiful!! I just love the ones of the girls together, and grace in the hat is just precious!! They both are, really really wonderful photos of two beautiful little girls!

  • Sarah - OMG These photos are amazing!! It definitely helps that you have 2 beautiful little girls to photograph, but honestly, absolutely beautiful work!! Love them all!!

  • Tobi - Wow! These pictures are so beautiful. Makes me wish I had kids just so that I could get you to photograph them for me! 🙂

  • Jazzy - I love the photos. I can tell hoe sweet is Faith to her sister. Beautiful work.

  • Jenny - These little girls are so adorable!!! What amazing pictures!

  • Miriam - OMG Janice….these are some of the most beautiful pics I have seen.

  • Laura - OMG these pictures are unbelievable. So beautiful! What great memories!

  • Gin - What lovely little angels! I love them!

  • Aliyah - Beautiful photos!!!

  • Jo - Amazing!! I wish you were in Florida so you could photograph my babies….

  • Jon Olick - Absolutely awesome! 🙂

  • Lawson - Beautiful pictures! What precious little girls!

  • Marjorie Schoenlein - I watched them take a few of the pictures and they were great with the girls. They made it fun for Faith and she laughed and smiled her way thru the whole session. It makes it hard to pick the pictures because there are so many great shots.

  • Star - Amazing Pictures! What a beautiful baby!

  • Kathy Olick - The pictures are absolutely beautiful! What gorgeous kids!!

  • Lynnie Hinely - How precious! Brings tears to my eyes just thinking how someone like Casey Anthony could harm such angels.

  • Karin - Lovely photography AND subjects!

  • Linda - Your girls are so sweet, and the pictures are amazing!!

  • Tosha - Beautiful pictures and girls 🙂 Just lovely!

  • Anne - Beautiful girls! Thank you for sharing.

  • Rena - I love the pictures, they came out beautiful! Grace and Faith are adorable and the photographer captured them nicely!

  • Joe - My precious little granddaughters; remarkable pictures!

  • Sharon - Beautiful pictures of the girls. You can tell they are sisters.

  • Angel - So sweet!

  • Jana - Gorgeous!

  • Sarah - What beautiful girls, and the photos are gorgeous!

  • Angela - So beautiful!! The photographer did a great job!

  • Diane - LOVE THESE!!!!

  • Amy - Gorgeous pictures!

  • Sadima - Beautiful photos of 2 beautiful little girls. Amazing work!!

  • Tiffany - Love the pictures! They’re such beautiful little girls.

  • Amanda - Love these photos and can’t wait to see the entire collection! Grace and Faith are so sweet!

  • kit - Gorgeous children! Lovely photos 🙂