At last!  Images from our fab one year old shoot at Everlee’s home.  Wow.  Her home is overwhelmingly beautiful…so much so that it made the cover of D Home magazine this month.   We have LOVED getting to photo E and her gorgeous and super nice parents this year…..and look forward to watching her grow more through the years!

check out her newborn pic we did in the background…..Butterflies remind E’s mommy of her sweet girl, so we incorporated 2 just-hatched Monarchs into the shoot. Fragile butterflies+active one year old= sort of a  mess.  But we did capture this….Um, hello….there’s a butterfly on my face.

  • Yvonne Campbell - simply ADORABLE!

  • Jacqueline - You never, ever cease to amaze me!

  • Tira J - I just adore Everlee every time she is on your blog! Amazing images Angie! Happy Birthday sweet E!

  • David Willis - So CUTE. Priceless.

  • Jana aka Mumsie - Angela, What amazing pictures!!!! You are just so very gifted with a amazing talent and eye to capture such fabulious pictures. I am so glad Maleiah and Ryan found you. You can make a already amazing family look even more amazing !!!!!! Thanks for taking such great pictures of my darling Everlee……Sincerly, Jana P Cox

  • Jules - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter one year session! from the first to the last … every single capture is just gorgeous!

  • Maleiah&Ryan - OMG!!! We are always so excited to see Everlee’s new pics on the blog. We are so fortunate that you guys have been with us all along to capture these wonderful moments so perfectly!!!

  • Sue - Can I just say that this is the most gorgeous child AND Mommy and Daddy in the world!!! I love looking at their amazing faces! Great job!

  • Suw - This is the most gorgeous chIld in the world AND the Mommy and Daddy will knock your eyes out too!!! Great job!

  • lisa pavin - Angela, seriously……you are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Nancy & RIchard Rogers - Everlee is so adorable. We love all of the photos of the family.

  • Jean - Those are the most amazing eyes. Angela you are incredible at capturing the joy of a first birthday.

  • Amanda Chafe - I didn’t think Everlee could get ANY cuter after her Christmas shot but she has!!!! I love her room, her awesome cupcake cake, her gorgeous mommy and daddy and her stinkin cute little self!! I just wanna squeeze her! 🙂 Great shots as always.

  • Carol - Amazing. What a gorgeous family! I have a couple of “photographer questions” if you don’t mind?

    1. Are you using only available light or is there some modifier or flash used?

    2. Is there always 2 people for your sessions?

    3. Are you picky about the time of day?

    Your work with light is amazing.

  • Angela - Thanks everyone for such nice compliments! Everlee and her parents are so fun to work with….

    Carol, I’ll try to answer you questions as best I can:

    1. I do use a reflector in my studio when using natural light and I sometimes use an on camera flash when shooting during an overcast day outdoors (just to fill in the hollows of the eyes that can become dark when the light source (cloudy sky) is coming from above. At this shoot, I did not bring a reflector and used my on camera flash with a Gary Fong lightsphere attachment pointed towards the ceiling when working in Everlee’s nursery. The day was cloudy and dark, so we we battling not enough light to do all natural in that room when we started the shoot. The rest of the indoor shots were all natural light. When processing images in Photoshop, I love the Yin/Yang action from the Totally Rad Action mix for opening up a subject’s face if more light was needed in capture.

    2. Yes, Matt and I always work together during shoots….unless it’s a maternity session. I do those on my own. Having an assistant for little kids is invaluable to me….especially when you are working with multiple kids and family groups. And lately I use him to assist in posing newborns for some of the trickier poses. Plus, he is an absolute kid magnet!

    3. I’d love to always be able to shoot at 8 am or 7 pm when the light is just right. But of course that never really works out. So, even though I guess I am picky about light, we make it work regardless of the time of day. This shoot was from 11 am -1pm. But it was overcast, so the outdoor stuff worked out so much more in our favor than if it were super sunny. I never book an outdoor session from noon-3 pm.

    Hope this helps answer your questions!

  • Carol - So helpful Angie! Your work is so inspiring.

  • uncle lan - such sweet shots..makes my eyes tear up! time has just flown by in the last year with “coconut” as she has been such a joy. i have watched with admiration, the dedication her mommy and daddy have given to ensuring that she’s happy and healthy..and how it shows! love you all so much.
    again, props to team weedon for mastering the capture of love and light for so many families..wow!

  • amy norwood - What amazing pictures! They truly capture the essence of this amazing little girl and her parents. I love, love, love them. EE is a star!

  • Jana P Cox - Angela, I don’t know if you know it but 3 of your darling babies have home’s on Lake Cherokee…..Everlee, Judson and Andrew…Andrew’s grandparents are our nabors and the Bates live just down from us….I’m thinking Lake Cherokee would be a great place to take some pictures in the future!!!!

  • Angela - Sounds great Jana! That would be so fun when these little ones get a bit bigger….

  • Katusha - Maleiah showed me the proofs of all the photos you took during this shoot and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee them! She is so adorable!