Everlee (8 months)

Miss Everlee is always styled for her sessions…… and so is her mommy!  Christian Louboutin heels?  Yes, please!

  • Shannon - Wow, those are amazing shots. I love them, they are so beautiful.

  • Christy - SO beautiful!

  • Aunt Micah - OH MY GOSH……..I love her so much and this just proves my point again, she is the cutest baby girl in the world! I love you Coconut!

  • Aunt Sue - Everlee is the most beautiful little princess in the world….she takes after her beautiful Mommy and Daddy…xoxo

  • uncle lan - i’m so lucky i get to squeeze and love on this precious coconut. great work, team weedon. ev’s is living proof that mommy and daddy need to make more babies!

  • Heidi - sweet cheeks! i wanna bite em;) so precious, thanks for sharing!!

  • Auntie Lindsay - Coconut!!! You look sooo CUTE! I miss you bunches! Nice heels Mama xoxo

  • Cherise Barker - Oh my goodness! How can she get any cuter????!!!! We are all ooohing and awwwwing here in the office… So precious!

  • Amanda - Omg love this baby, love her name and love love love these photos! (is this the same baby from christmas in the box with the adorable hat?? love it.

  • admin - Hi Amanda,

    Yes this is the Everlee with a darling Christmas hat and the rad birth announcement (posted in September…..newborn images posted in June)

  • megan sun - SHUT UP!

  • Kathleen Reams - Those are the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful little girl!!! I absolutely love them and Miss Everlee could not be more adorable!!!!!! xoxo, Kath-

  • Elaine Gates - LOVE this shoot… loving your use of highkey!