Everlee (6 days)

Beautiful Everlee’s mommy had a little mishap with the shopping cart on Etsy, and ended up with a gorgeous (and huge!) assortment of knit baby coccoons, wraps and hats for our session.  YEA for us!  BOO for her Mastercard!

  • Nicki Smith - Oh my! I love the first one. She is a precious little girl.

  • Ryan Rogers - Wow!
    We have been on pins and needles waiting to catch a glimpse of these shots!

  • Deedy Adams - How beautiful – both baby and photography!!! Totally awesome!!

  • Amy Fanning - She is absolutely perfect. I love her lips!

  • Deborah Fuller - What sweet pictures! She is a beautiful baby.

  • Eimear McGonagle - She could not be more perfect! Love the pictures!

  • midge trammell - she is soooo darn cute!!!

  • Lora Atkinson - Perfection!!! They kept getting better…..It’s amazing the way she is holding her head up in the 4th photo —and slept thru it..So adorable…Thank you for sharing!

  • Jean Robson - She is amazing.These photos are incredible and those eyes…..

  • Nancy&RIchard Rogers - She’s a natural little star. Wonderful pics! Glad we got to see one with her eyes open, too.

  • megan & joe sun - SHUT UP! She is such a doll. CANNOT wait to meet this little dream.

  • erin gassie - she is absolutely gorgeous! I want to boop her little nose.

  • Sami Etheredge - What amazingly beautiful pictures!! She is gorgeous!

  • Amy Schliem - Get outta here! Adorable!!

  • The Spaldings - Unbelievable.
    She is so gorgeous, she needs an agent now !

  • R. Alexander - She is PERFECT!! I’m so happy for the proud parents!!

  • John Bledsoe - She is amazing, awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful and smoking cute!!!!!

  • McKenzie Merrill - What a beautiful baby girl! I can’t wait to meet her!!!

  • nancy gopez - All of these shots are amazing!! She is beautiful!! Love all the pretty hats and wraps too.

  • Maggie Hudson - I cannot get over how beautiful these pictures are! Everlee is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  • Amy Warnick - Maleiah and Ryan, what a beautiful baby girl. I am soo happy for you both! xoxo

  • Jill Bowen - Amazing!!! She is beautiful!! What gorgeous pics! Can’t wait to meet her! 🙂

  • My Two Seasons - Oh, she is so sweet! And wow on all those gorgeous knits! I love that hat with the bow! So cute!!

  • Kendall Snadon - beautiful on the inside and out. can’t wait to see her personality!

  • jmb Photography - Absolutely stunning! Do you know where mom accidently got these knits from?

  • Melissa Darst - What AMAZING pictures and what a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. I am so inspired by your work. I would love to find out what seller the mom found these wraps and hats from on Etsy. Thanks!

  • admin - Hi guys!

    The knitter of some of the fabu knits you see on Everlee contacted me….she is the owner of lee’s bees knit shop on etsy. Her web address is http://www.leebees.etsy.com
    Such cute stuff!!!


  • Amanda Busch - Such a beautiful Baby Girl!!! 6 days old and already a fashionista:) Cant wait to see her

  • Ginny Granke-Kimberland - How precious! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!