Little miss thang is almost two and LOOK AT HOW SHE’S GROWN!  Every session with Everlee is an event….we just LOVE this family!  Everlee’s mom does an amazing job of dreaming up super cute ideas for our sessions…..we went from tea parties to piano playing to potting flowers to splashing in a fountain on this particular day.  What?  You don’t bring your piano to the Arboretum?  Well, Everlee certainly does.  And I’m so glad we schlepped that thing around!  So cuuuute!



  • Fredricka - Beyond gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  • Maleiah - Wow!!!! So beautiful!!!! My little girl looks all grown up:-(

  • Heidi - I love them all! Always look forward to seeing Angela’s pictures of Everlee. She looks like a character in a Fairy Tale:) Captivating!

  • Lan - What a sweet heart-melter, that Everlee! Love her angel face and too cute the dangling feet under the table. Daddy looks so handsome. Mommy looks awesome, of course..wish we could see her pretty face! Brlliant idea on the piano..kudos to mommy. As ever, a job amazingly done by team Weedon!

  • Tracy - Amazing pics! I can’t believe how big she is. She’s the cutest!

  • Donna Fadal - Does anything in the world get more adorable than this child. Loved her before she was born, but now she has really stolen my heart.

  • Lindsay Neely - Oh Maleiah! She’s just so beautiful! I miss y’all so much! Love and kisses, Lindsay

  • Nancy&RIchard Rogers - Such a beautiful little Angel! I love her concentration with her tea preparation. Lovely photos, fabulous fam!

  • Kendall - Stunning! Moments you’ll never forget. Simply an angel…

  • Jana and Harold AKA Mumsie and Poppy - How adorable once again…..You are able to catch such precious moments… So easy to love that darling angel.

  • Kelly Johnston - These are STUNNING! You do beautiful work!!!

  • Catalina Concha-Bower - Hi E! I am sorry that I missed you last week when we went to Dallas. But, I am sure we are going to see each other soon.
    These pictures are too cute! You look adorable!

  • susan plummer - She is a blessing from God who is destined for great things. What an angel! BEST! xoxoxo

  • Martha - So precious! Everlee is an adorable little girl in every way. Kudos to her her mom and dad!

  • Amanda Chafe - OMGOSH!!! Every post of Miss Everlee I swear she cant get any cuter and then SHE DOES!! and I can’t believe she’s TWO! I remember her newborns. Great pictures as always. Dear Mommy of Everlee: Your baby is SO GORGEOUS. going to be a total heart breaker!

  • Katusha - Such a sweet personality and it shows in all her photos…..super cute and beautiful memories that will last forever!!! I am sure we will be looking at a grown woman before we know it saying, what happened to our little EE shes all grown up on us! xx