Continuing on with all these adorable people we get to see grow up each time a new baby comes to their family!  Check out precious baby Luke with big brother and sister Ethan and Hannah….

  • Jeff Radebaugh - Angie and Matt amaze us every time. Thank you so much for the beauty that you have captured with each of our children.

  • Brent Davis - Such beautiful children and photographs! What a great way to capture these memories!

  • Denise Stalcup - Absolutely Beautiful Family! Amazing shots!

  • Kathryn Hendrickson - Gorgeous photos!! I wish I had done this with my children.

  • Guy Poorman - These are great looking photos that will give a lifetime of memories!

  • Mike Jones - Great work! Love the black and white conversion of Jeff and the new addition!

  • Audrey - Love the photos! The kids are so sweet! Can’t believe you guys have 3 and we will too soon! Crazy!

  • Stephanie - Heather, they turned out so cute! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Trisha Thievon - Three beautiful children! So happy for the Radebaugh’s!

  • Jennifer Hill - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Michelle Goodwin Hammel - The most beautiful pictures. Truly adorable.

  • Stefanie DeShetler - A beautiful family and beautiful photos! Nice work!

  • Sam Bigley - These are so adorable!!!! 🙂

  • Sam Bigley - I especially love mr. Luke in his hat and blanky! Cute!

  • Tammy Jones - Fabulous photos of a blessed & beautiful family!!!

  • Andrea Griffith - Wonderful pictures!!

  • Heather Radebaugh - Thank you guys for capturing the personalities of my loves. These pictures are priceless!

  • Susan Guest - These are such precious pictures of the Radebaugh family…they are beautiful!

  • David Goodwin - These are great pictures of my grandchildren. We call Angela the “child whisperer”. To be able to draw out the kids personalities is amazing. Thank you for your amazing skill!

  • Andrea Quevedo - Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  • Crystal - Such a beautiful family!

  • Julie Nickel - Amazing! Brilliant photography that captured these beautiful children during these tender moments, to keep and share, hopefully!

  • LaDonna Schneller - Beautiful pictures! I love them all. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kelsey Krug - So precious! You all win the most-photogenic family award! 🙂

  • Brooke Pendleton - Such a beautiful family captured in such beautiful photos

  • Leigh Talley - These are such beautiful pictures!

  • Erin Mulqueen - I love the ones of the kids but the one of just Luke in the hat is my favorite…what a beautiful baby!!

  • Paul Jonas - Great pictures and a beautiful family!

  • Amanda Candler - Gorgeous photos, gorgeous children!

  • Patti Goodwin - The pictures of Heather and Jeff Radebaugh with the children are just wonderful. Angela you are a child whisperer.

  • Ellen Rendle - Beautiful pics!