Drew (9)+Ryan (3)+Truett (3 weeks)– Dallas Newborn Photographer

Such a happy baby….

  • Heidi @ Indy Photography - Oh, Angela! That smiley shot on the blue blanket? GORGEOUS! Seriously….Love. It.

  • Dana - These are wonderful! Can’t wait to see the rest – how will we ever choose? We are so glad to have gotten to see you again. Thanks to you and Matt for being so great with our boys!

  • David - Unbelievable Angela, I’m speechless and love every picture. Can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you again. Your amazing!

  • Cathy* - These photos are absolutely amazing!! Angie you are an incredible person to be able to make people feel so at ease that you truly capture the essence of their being. Beautiful job!

  • Grandmomiie (Mary Joyner) - Thank you for wonderful pictures of my three perfect grandsons! I especially like the one of Truett on the blue blanket. He must have been dreaming about something beautiful! I know David and Dana are proud to have the pictures you have made for them over the years.

  • Chaney - All of these pictures are AMAZING, especially the one of all three boys!! Truett is precious! I love them all !!

  • Daniel - The photos of the Dodgen boys are incredible. I love the black & white one of my 3 nephews lying down together. Angela & Matt – You guys are great! Amy & I love looking at the photos you did of our family every day.

  • Jerry J - What a talent Angela has for drawing expressions from the boys!

    Especially, the first four of Truett are remarkable.

  • Ken - Nice job on the photos…I really like the photo of Truett sleeping with that grin on his face. Talk about pleasant dreams.

  • Mitzi Richardson - WOW! David and Dana…Best of luck narrowing down the perfect ones for your wall from even just these proofs…much less the proofs you have yet to see! Once again, fabulous job, Angela Weedon!! Without a doubt, your artistic talent shows in the beauty of your photography! I’m so in love with “my” boys!! =)

  • candy - My great nephews are awesome. The pictures of these boys do a good job to show their love for each other. That is the only reason they would take their shirts off! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Janette - Love the pic of the 3 together! Beautiful

  • Stephanie Adams - ABSOLUTELY wonderful pictures. These are so original. They could not be cuter. 🙂

  • Uncle David - Love the three boys together, and open-mouth! And who would not believe a chereb in a blue cap.

  • Doc - What beautiful poses and expressions for these cute boys–we can say cute can’t we?

  • Grammy...Janell - If the first four pictures of Truett are any indication of his personality, we are in for a real treat. Would love to be there sometime when you have a photo shoot and see you in action. Love the one on the blanket; can’t imagine how there could be one to top that. Love your work.

  • Bonnie "Carter" Staples - With every picture comes an Awwwwwwe!!! – simply precious precious precious! God sure makes beautiful babies – I Love and adore you both so much!! Your family is such a beautiful blessing!!

  • Stacy Drake - Beautiful family! Fabulous photography!

  • Jackie - These are such beautiful photographs. All three boys are simply handsome.

  • Judy - Incredible work Angela. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • Scott - Congrats! Beautiful Family! Thank goodness those boys favor their mother!

  • Judy - (Nana) - Angela -it was a joy to be in your studio and see you at work. The pictures are just wonderful – can’t wait to see the rest! Incredible photos of the boys – they are as sweet as they look in the pictures!

  • Papaw - Great pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Uncle David - This comment is from Aunt Marilyn. She is viewing these wonderful photos in Dave’s e-mail. Love them all, but the three brothers in black and white is a classic– and Truett’s facial expressions are amazing. I can’t wait to get to know him! My compliments on the outstanding photography!

  • Barack Obama - Great pictures! I especially like the one that looks like Truett is thinking. I can’t wait until he turns 18.

  • April - I think these are absolutely the cutiest pictures I have ever seen!! Such Beautiful Kids! I love the one of all three, so sweet!

  • Kathy Bickhaus - Congratulations!! What a beautiful Family!