Daphne ( 3 weeks)

Teeny weeny Daphne is like a little doll…just perfect.  Born only 4 pounds-something…..I’m so so glad her gorgeous parents chose to have her portraits taken now.  Who would ever believe in a couple years she was ever this tiny?

  • Shannon - Wow, those are some beautiful portraits. I’m sure they’ll be cherished forever.

  • Melissa - how is it that ALL of your clients are just gorgeous?! lucky photographer!

  • Daphne's mom - Wow, Angie… thanks for beautifully capturing such a special time in our lives. Looking so forward to seeing the rest.

  • Cindy - As Daphne’s proud grandmother, and the parents’ proud mother/mother-in-law, I am amazed at how beautifully you captured the depth of the love these two parents have for their tiny, precious baby girl. You have truly captured the inner beauty of this young family. I can hardly wait to see more pictures of Daphne! You are an artist!