I was about to post this little guy’s one year session, when I realized I had not shared his 6 month session!  Oops!  Meet Danny, the happiest baby in America!

Feb17'15c_AngelaWeedonBlog copy

  • Sonya - Oh my! I love these Lise…his smile is a killer. Great pictures!

  • Marianne - You got that right , he is ” the happiest baby in America ” his whole face just makes u smile

  • Della villa - Great shots of Danny!

  • Lise Shanks - It’s true! The happiest baby ever! Thanks Angie and Matt for capturing his cuteness!

  • Soozee - He is the most precious little man!

  • Melissa Morningstar - Happiest & cutest! Great photos!!

  • Courtney - What a sweet little cutie!

  • Amanda Montgomery - Love his smile Lise!!!! Also love the moon’s

  • Courtney - what a sweet little cutie! xo

  • Megan Tucek - Lise, he is adorable! These pictures are great! I love the one in the basket!

  • David - DD is looking smooth! Great pictures!

  • Kristy Sammons - I love my DD he’s so handsome I love how these pictures capture his smile and how happy he is!!

  • Michelle Butcher - Oh Lise he looks so handsome, they did a really good job on his photos. 🙂

  • janna - These photos are INCREDIBLE! She did such an amazing job capturing our handsome, happy Danny!

  • Stehanie Shanks - Omg how cute!!!

  • Adriana - Oh My Goodness! Happy Little Man!!