Meet Baby Dane.  He’s quite possibly the happiest little dude ever!



  • Liz Christensen - Angela and Matt, these photos are more than we could have ever asked for. You somehow perfectly captured all of Dane’s sweet faces, mannerisms, and expressions. Thank you!!

  • Kara Schlueter - Dane is the happiest little dude ever! He is always smiling and giggling like in the pictures. Amazing photos of such a sweet and fun family!

  • Kelly Oleson - We could not love him more! What incredible photos! I do not know how you are going to pick!

  • Lauren - Such gorgeous photos! What a happy family. Love the pics of the little man “walking”!!!

  • Emily - Happiest kid ever! <3

  • Jenny Mooney - Awesome pictures! Such a cute baby and good looking family.

  • Betty Shepherd - Dane is the happiest baby ever and we are so glad you were able to capture his adorable personality so well. Fabulous shots!