All the way from Louisiana…..two little heart breakers.

Midway through the session they said, “You wanna see our six packs?”   To which we said, “Um……OK.”  😉

Oh my goodness!!  Have you seen cuter boys?  I can’t decide.  Black and white or color?


  • Tara Schields - What a beautiful gift these boys will have to have these photos to look back on once they are grown! I especially love the above image in black and white. It seems to really hold the moment and draws me into their eyes. Just stunning!

  • Kesha Courville - I love these pictures!! You guys are the best! They had such a blast, thank you so much.

  • Carmen - Hands down, black and white. Beautiful boys, and as always, I love the sunlight in your photos. It’s just gorgeous!

  • Diane Bacon - These photos are awsome! These boys are so precious.

  • Monika Stachura Zdjecia Dzieci - amazing session, cute boys

  • Grandma Rita - Beautiful, love all of the pictures, looks like they was having lots of fun.

  • Regan Beckelman - Great pictures! The boys are so adorable!

  • Pat Davidson - Che' - Great Grandsons. Pictures are so great and so characteristic of their personalities. Especially the 6 pack!