Tiny, adorable Connor and his parents on his seventh day…


  • Ashley montgomery - Beautiful family! He is the perfect addition! Love the bucket picture!

  • Colleen Saye - What a cute family!!! I love his sweet smile!

  • shelley - These pictures are amazing! Love em!

  • Jennifer - These are so special and perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you Angela.

  • Lana Holliday - I have the most beautiful grandson ever and he has two beautiful parents! Angela your photography is truly art.

  • Ashley LeMaster - Amazing! He is so adorable and I love the picture of all of you together! These are beautiful pictures!!!

  • Kaye Bernheim - Connor is absolutely beautiful! What a treasure these pictures are!

  • Georgiann Laseter - Totally amazing! These photos defy words as they project the spirit of such love.

  • Kara Davis - What a precious family, what sweet memories!!

  • Sean Lonergan - Angela, your pictures are amazing. You really captured the moment. We had such a good time working with you.

  • Donna Stokes - Wow, how precious is Connor. Jennifer and Sean, these are so,so beautiful!

  • Kristina Farrell - Beautiful family. Beautifully blessed. xoxo

  • Michelle - Cute cute cute!!!!

  • Lori Wilson - OMG I LOVE them. You look beautiful and what a wonderful photographer! I am excited to meet Connor in person. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marilyn Leiker - Absolutely the most beautiful photos I have ever seen of a newborn with his wonderful parents, Jennifer & Sean. These are so special!

  • Olivia Zokai - What a beautiful family! These pictures are amazing – I can’t believe you even caught him smiling!

  • Alyson Holliday - Jen, Connor looks beautiful and so do you! These pictures are gorgeous!

  • Ann Wheeler - These are so so cute!!!!! I love all of the pictures! They are so different from the usual photographer pictures. What a great way to remember such a special time.

  • Heather Briggs - Oh My!!! Love it! So beautiful!

  • Aunt Whitney - These pictures do a great job at capturing how precious Connor is and what a blessing he is.

  • angela mitchell - Beautiful photos!!!

  • Lisa Gilreath - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!

  • Terri Lee - These pictures make me want to fly out there and scoop him up. Pictures are perfect and Connor is perfect!

  • Lizzie - I love the pictures and his sweet smile!

  • Charlotte Price - Beautiful pictures!

  • john holliday - Great photos. Wish I could hold him now.

  • Linda Barrett - What a precious combination of pictures. The “hands” picture is so unique, and the “bucket” one makes me laugh. The other two are just really warm and beautiful.

  • Linda Barrett - What a special assortment of pictures! The “hands” picture was really unique and the “bucket” one made me smile. The other two were just warm and beautiful.

  • Kelly Gregory - Connor is adorable! And of course you are beautiful as ever! Love yall!

  • Ashley Kuhlmeier - What a gorgeous little family. These are so precious! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Dalia Arafat - What beautiful photos!!!! I love them!!

  • Marguerite Allen - How adorable and your pictures capture a very special time in their lives.

  • Susan McCormick - Wonderful pictures. Connor is beautiful. Can’t wait to meet him in person!

  • Barby - Connor is BREATHTAKING!! Congratulations on your ANGEL, Jennifer and Sean!!