Connor (6)+ Mom– Dallas Family Photographer

Loved this fun shoot with Connor and his mom in the woods near our studio….

  • K. - Great photos! Love how the light plays in the BIG tree with Connor and Mom standing below it – this picture caught my eye immediately!

  • Christine - Amazing pictures. They really capture the bond between mom and son

  • Kelly Moskovic - Love these! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

  • Jeanne C. Gearey - I love the pics. You are such a good photographer. I think I was at the last one. I am Connor’s grand mom.

    I’m anxious to see the balance.

    take care

  • Pat Koch - These photos are amazing. I just love them. Great job!

  • GRAN & MZEE Margaret and Chuck Price - We love all the photos! My (Margaret speaking) favorite is the one of Angela and Connor standing together looking at each other. This is such a natural shot of Angela and Connor’s interaction style that I feel I have seen it many times before, just not is such a gorgeous setting! We definitely need a copy of this one.

  • Nigel - A very nice set of images. I like the variety of compositions. I keep going back to the second image with te tree – I think it must be my favourite!