Congrats #2

…to my dad!!

After a whirlwind Christmas trip to my mom and step dad’s house in Indy, we packed up and drove down to Dalton, Georgia, for my dad’s wedding on the 28th (consequently, my wonderful husband’s birthday!).  My new step mom is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, and we could not be more thrilled for the both of them.  It was also so great to meet our new extended family and have a reunion of family we hadn’t seen in years.

This was a first for me…..being in the wedding and shooting it too!

Some of the grandkids (cousins meeting for the first time that day!) hoping the toast would end in a hurry so they could get on with that cake!

My two little brothers….ages 32 and 16.  Lets hope Will takes after my hairline and not Todd’s!!!

the Princess Table…..set up especially for the little girl granddaughters

Congrats Dad and Sharon!  We love you both!!

  • Lisa Ellis - Ang-

    These are wonderful!! Great job on being two people at once!!!


  • Dad - Ang,

    As usual, priceless !

    PS, being in the wedding avoided the sitting fee.

  • Jane - isn’t it wonderful to add these wonderful people to our extended family! The princess table is a fabulous touch for those lovely young ladies. Congrats to Sharon and Bill.

  • Michelle - You did a great job. I bet your dad is so proud of you. It’s so nice that you love your stepmom.