Coming soon to a mailbox near you

Holy Holiday Card Mania!!!!

Each year Matt and I make a solemn vow to one another…..Let’s not make this holiday season seem as crazy as last! For me, that would entail not staying up until 2am each morning designing holiday cards. Sooo….this season I had a grand plan. I would hire a graphic designer to make a bunch of templates that clients could choose from for their cards. Then I would plug and chug. Sounds reasonable, most other photographers I know employ this tactic.

First, I was just too type A and controlling to send out all the work to a graphic designer. So I made many of my own templates. That took weeks. Next, I just could not adhere to them! Clients would choose one, then when it was time to start plugging and chugging, well I just kept on going. And going. The result? What seems like 100’s of custom designed, no 2 are alike, gorgeous holiday cards.

Sleepless or not, I just love them. Now, if I could only come up with a grander idea for our OWN card. (last year, they were back from the printer and in the mail on December 23. Nice!)

NEXT year, we will try that vow again….

  • The Henrie Family - I cannot thank you enough for our special card…it is truely priceless!!! I appreciate your hard work and hope you get some rest soon.

  • Angie - you are so welcome Malissa! Yours was one of my favorites this season!

  • The Henrie Family - You are very sweet! According to my friends and family it was one of their favorites too! 🙂
    Merry Christmas!!!