This will be the last blog post…..for a few hours!

We are typically not huge fans of props just for the sake of props, but this shoot was really special.  Dad is a huge marathoner who has pretty much conquered the world of running five times over.  An image of his new baby Christian adorned by his medals and shoes (thankfully new!) was for sure in order.  Mom and dad are also avid collectors of classic music and LP’s. Love love love it.


  • ellen osburn - These photos are fabulous! Great photographer and super adorable model!!

  • Celina - Baby Christian’s photos are absolutely adorable!! Great shots!

  • Johanna Salas - OMG!!! We he has taken our breath away! He is so handsome! cant wait to hold him! All pictures were great!

  • Janie Longoria - Christian is such a handsome little boy!!!

  • megha - Very nice pictures……

  • Sylvia Baez - Christian is truly a blessing from the Lord. He shines in every picture and warms my heart with joy.

  • Norma Ramirez - Baby Christian is adorable! The pictures are amazing, I would love to have a photo shoot myself with your company!

  • Justine Martinez - An Angel has arrived.

    Here I am, Daddy and Mama, a gift from the Lord up above,
    To brighten your days with joy untold, and fill our home with love.
    I’m tiny, precious and fragile, but made miraculously,
    To fulfill God’s plan for my life and be what He wants me to be.

    Some say I look like you, Mom, other say more like Dad.
    But I have distinct traits from both of you, whether that’s good or bad.
    I love it when you hold me securely in your strong arms,
    You let me know you’re my protector in this world with all it’s harm.

  • Miranda - Love it!! Awsome pictures baby Christian is adorable.

  • Patricia Ramirez - Congrats to the new parents … he really is a beautiful baby boy, Christian.. welcome to the world, the pics are great!

  • Vanessa Aleman - Awesome photos! his angelic smile just makes your heart melt.

  • Jodie - I just want to gobble him up! Amazing pics!

  • Sarah Blanchard - Angela and Matt- Thank you for your patience and creativity. Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  • Elizabeth Yepez - Awwww, my fav. is the last one love that smile… baby Christian is so adorable and cute… Can’t wait to hold him…. Pictures are wonderful!!!