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After the eternity of 100+ degree days here in Dallas, this fall’s trip to Napa cannot come soon enough!  Staci has put together an amazing style board for our fun California family we will be photographing out there.  I hear horses will be a part of the shoot (Squeel!), so we are leaning towards a…

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  • Amy Jerke - love this look!!

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. Every mom (myself included!) stresses about the perfect outfits for their portraits.  She wants to make sure what she chooses showcases her family’s individual style, while keeping current in trends.  But it still needs to stay classic enough to stand the test of time in the heirloom art…

  • Janet McChesney - I love the pictures. I can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Mike McChesney - I am a proud Papa

  • Amanda Brown - They are amazing! Just want to snuggle ’em.xoxo

  • Amy Jerke - awesome! I needed these visual things a couple months ago before our session, not after! haha…great idea!!

  • liz Thomas - Love this! Is the little girl’s out fit from the Gap too? Also, would love to see something for a beach session…family with one older boy, one little girl and one baby girl!

Wondering what would be the perfect outfit for your fall portraits? Well, normally I’d say anything that is casual, comfortable and appropriate for the weather. I also never suggest things like giant hair bows and peter pan collars. But this time of year, we always have folks that really want that summer-y feel to their…