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I am falling a bit behind on this blog, but we are trying our hardest to show you all the cuties we’ve been playing with this fall!  Here are awesome Preston And Arden, whose family completely rocked a shoot in Deep Ellum.  I just LOVE it when a family wants a fun and colorful shoot…

  • andrea - LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the photos!!!

    Thank you for catching these precious moments in time of our family 🙂

  • Shawn Bradford - I am so blessed to have such a beautifu,loving and AMAZING Family!!! Thes pictures certainly capture their amazing closeness of thier family.

    Fabulous job of capturing their family spirit. What precious gifts to have in our lives. Thanks for sharing Barry and Andra. Just Adorable & Beautiful!

  • Diane Kneis - What can I say. What a beautiful family. Of course, I’m prejudiced because it’s my son, daughter-in-law and my grandchildren. Even if we weren’t related I would say the same thing.

  • Lauren - What a beautiful family! I love these pictures.

  • Elizabeth Nahra - Beautiful photos of EVERYONE!!! This kids are SO big!

  • Elizabeth Nahra - Love them all!

  • JENNY - Love the pics! What a beautiful family!

  • Amy Gavin - LOVE these pictures! These not only capture the connection of the family but each personality. Thanks for sharing!! Miss you all!

  • Traci Finch - What a beautiful and photogenic family! The pictures are wonderful!

  • Courtney Broekemeier - Look at those cuties!!! Great pictures… XO

  • Allison - You guys look FANTASTIC and it looks like such a fun shoot! The pics turned out great.

  • Gloria Desjardins - Awesome photos! I love the backgrounds on each of the pictures. Angela captured each of them so well it would be very difficult for me to choose one over another. Thanks for sharing photos of you and Barry and my beautiful grandchildren.

  • Kelly Desjardins - So cute!!!!!!

  • Paul Desjarins - Wow, these are superb. What wonderful children e have in our families. And these pictures are phenomenal portraits! Now I know who will do our next family pics. 🙂

  • julie gavin - Absolutely adorable!!! Love them all. What fun, colorful shots too…so unique! Precious family 🙂

  • DELLANNE NEWMAN - Such a beautiful family. Love the pictures.

  • Roland Desjardins - What a couple of cuties! No, not Andrea and Barry. The other cuties.

  • Paula - Enjoyed viewing the photos of your beautiful family. Little “dollface” is looking sooooo grown-up!

  • Deidre - Love, Love, Love the pictures – they turned about AMAZING!!


Emily is a truly fun HS senior, who has the brightest future ahead of her.  Already having service mission trips to Central America and Africa under her belt, she also has a heart of gold.  Here she is, along with her brother Jackson.  🙂