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OK, here we go!  I’m going to blog all our amazing sessions from the fall 2015~ our best year yet!  Check out Carson and Hudson welcoming their new baby brother, Easton, in their gorgeous home.  It’s been such an honor to capture each of these guys as brand new babies!

Jan07_2016Blog copy


Do you LOVE us?  Do you really really love us?

Then we could use your votes!


We are so honored to be named one of the best family photographers in D magazine’s THE BEST OF THE BIG D!  But we need your help to reach our goal of being named the best of the best!


Please please pleeeeeease show your loyalty and vote often!  You can vote via the D magazine site (photographers are listed on page 6 of the services) and on your smart phone too.  You can vote as much as hourly through May 29, and it would sure make our day to know you supported us in this contest!  It can only be done with the help of our loyal fans and friends….thank you!!


Voting is super easy….you don’t need to sign up or even register and it only takes about 10 seconds.  You can even share the link via your Facebook or Twitter accounts if you wish….the more the word spreads, the better!!


Remember, you can vote multiple times…..up to once an hour!  So if you are really gung-ho, go for it….we need you all to really rally for us!


Thank you so much!!   Working with all of our amazing families is such a joy!


Matt and Angie
(and Amy and James too!)

I recently joined Facebook.   I know!   Kinda silly.  Not only do I feel a bit old and out of touch to be a member of some internet social network….but I also feel so dumb because I can’t really figure it out.  What does a super poke do anyway?

But it has been really neat to reconnect with old friends.  Like my friend from high school, Chad.  Who just so happens to be serving our country in Iraq for his second one year tour of duty.  While his wife and 3 kids (and one on the way….will he be home for the birth?) wait patiently for his return.

Anyway, I wrote on his wall (or something like that…Facebook lingo), and thanked him for serving us and our country.  And this is what he said back:

I just cannot get over that.  We are here, enjoying our life….going on vacation, doing bubbles in the backyard with the kids, taking the dogs for a walk, seeing movies, buying new kindergarten backpacks….while these guys are ensuring that we can continue doing it.  

“The essence of the families you aptly captured in the photographs help make it worth our sacrifices here ensuring that they are kept safe with a future full of hope.” 

Um, wow.  Thanks to you and all the men and women serving with you, Chad.  I hope we never lose sight of what you are doing for the rest of us.


Today was such a sweet day for my good friend (and fellow photographer), Kim, as she and her husband Mike welcomed their new baby girl into the world. Being invited to witness and document such a day is an honor….and I thank you for trusting me to be there you guys!

Kim photographed the births of both of our kids, and I was there when her son Steel came into the world too. And I should say that I just barely made it this time! God-mother Jessica (who was charged with videotaping) and I rolled in exactly 25 minutes before this baby made her fast and furious entrance!

This precious girl’s birth (she is so new that she is still unnamed…..Kim says they have been searching for the perfect girl’s name for 2 years….and I swear I saw Mike surfing his iPhone for baby name sites today. LOL) was natural and beautiful. It was so neat to see the staff at Presby Dallas really embrace their birth plan and support Kim through a natural labor. You go girl!

A HUGE thank you to my wonderful clients that allowed us to reschedule our appointments for today…

phew! Glad we made it!

Look at this face!!! You are so beautiful…what is your name??

Daddy’s iBaby

never fear…SuperBrother is here.

So, as you know, our new studio is located in a residential neighborhood. Not so conducive to the big open house event I’d hope for! So, rather than an open house, we thought a come-and-go trunk show….showcasing the fabulous Matilda Jane collection….would be a great way to show off our new digs. With spring around the corner, what a perfect time for my favorite Dallas moms to see the fresh, FUN clothing line for little girls age 6 months to 10 years! And not forgetting moms, the collection includes some fabulous finds for us as well. This is the very first Texas trunk show for this super hot line, so of course we are just too excited to have you all over!

Here is the skinny:

Sunday, March 9 from 2-5 (come and go)
at our new place, which so happens to be right next to our home.
Find directions by clicking on our website and clicking “details”

Come one and all!
Please RSVP by going to the website and clicking “contact”

(you have no idea the nasty emails and phone messages I would get by posting my phone number and email on the blog….)

To check out the fun that is Matilda Jane, click on

We will be unveiling a brand new offering at the Trunk Show. It will really make you *Smile*. If you know us at all, this should be a big hint….. yea!

And one more thing…everyone who comes will be entered in a fab drawing!