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This is the first year that we’ve photographed these same-same sisters (what our twin nieces call each other) where I can tell them apart!  Score on the name sweaters mom!  😉

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  • Sallie - Cutie patooties!!!! I can’t get over how well you capture them year after year!! I can’t wait too see more pics!! Yay!!!


Beauty times three…

  • Cathy R - Gorgeous and inspiring!

  • Maleiah - Wow what a beautiful family!! So amazing!!
    Team Weedon is the BEST ever!! I’m so proud to say that they have been a part of our family, and captured such wonderful memories for us as well!!
    Sending love your way Bell family!

  • Nina - Stunning!!! All we had hoped for and more!! We can’t thank you enough Angie and Matt! You are SO incredibly talented and pure magic at what you do! We can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for taking the time to capture our family so beautifully and in such a special way.

  • Becca - How lovely is this family! And your capture of them is equally as lovely! Beautiful!

  • Judy Gaither - Nina, they are all so beautiful! How absolutely adorable! I am so happy for you! Lots of love! J


When a photographer sees that she gets to work with 7 week old twins (the age at which most babies characteristically do not sleep or even act content in the studio) PLUS their 22 month old sister…..well, lets just say she quakes in her boots.  These little angels surprised us by being so sweet….the twins…

  • Fredricka - Gorgeous photos. The twins are adorable, and I love their big sister’s golden locks! I love your work, Angie!

  • Marilyn Taylor - How sweet one of each

  • Marilyn Taylor - Twins are such a blessing. & to birth a boy and a girl is even more of a blessing.