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Another amazing Maui session!!  We loved hooking up with these friends at the gorgeous Montage Kapalua on Maui.  I think this is what heaven will look like, honestly.  

Aidan, Bailee and Deacon are triplet 5th grade friends of our son, Cal….and we love how our school fosters such a sense of community! It’s been great getting to know and become friends with mom and dad, too, through the years.  The photo session was just part of the fun we had with these guys, as we also spent time snorkeling with turtles, hanging out on the beach, and watching all the humpback whales in the distance.  We timed our trip just right as it was humpback mating and calving season, and we could always see them breeching when we looked out on the horizon.   

Now we just have to figure out a way to go back to Maui; a week was not nearly enough time!  Our own family got the iPhone treatment the whole trip….we were on the go and at the beach so much that I took not nearly the amount of images that I would have liked with the big girl camera. After seeing how gorgeous this family’s new artwork for their home is coming along, I’m bummed that we don’t have the same. So yes, a trip back to Hawaii is certainly in order. 🙂

Even though fall is traditionally senior portrait time in Texas, in our opinion, spring is ideal! The class of 2018 can get a head start and take advantage of the perfect weather we have the next few weeks. We find ourselves mostly photographing families with younger children, but we are always so excited to photograph senior portraits. There’s an excited buzz in the air about the upcoming big move and college on the horizon. We can’t believe our oldest is only a few short years away from this bittersweet phase!

Claire and Juliette are gorgeous twins, who are both are so strong and at the same time kind spirited; they are bound to soar to amazing heights. Needless to say, have such a special place in our hearts. The benefit of being in this industry for over seventeen years is the relationships we have formed with our clients. The first time we met these 2017 graduates, they were just one year old! Can you believe it?!  Sixteen seemingly short years later, and here we are…celebrating their big transition from high school seniors, to college freshmen! We’ve had the unique opportunity to work not only with the ladies you see here, but their brother, Jack, as well. We remember his senior portraits like it was yesterday. The thing that has stuck with me the most over the years, is the way he interacted with his twin sisters. He had such a fun relationship with each one. The fact that he wanted them incorporated into his senior portraits spoke immensely of the love he had and still has for his beautiful sisters.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these girls! What an honor it’s been to be a part of their family’s story all through the years!


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We’ve had a crazy summer around here!  Lots of travel and lots of sessions in the most beautiful places in America…and more to come! So far we’ve been to Florida and Wyoming, and coming up we’ll be in Indiana, Michigan, and Colorado. And not to mention all the gorgeous babies we’ve seen in the studio~we are so blessed to be busy! A downfall of being busy is that I’ve had very little time to dedicate to sharing images of all the families we’ve captured. I do a little bit better job on Instagram and Facebook than here on the blog, so make sure to like us on social media!

Onto this bunch, whom we love so much! We’ve captured twins Walt and Sophie every year since they were born, and this year we had the opportunity to photograph them while on vacation in Idaho, just across the Tetons from Jackson Hole. Seriously so beautiful there! Thanks again, Fagelmans! We are so honored to watch your family grow through the years!


Another duo we have followed their whole lives…..we just love Alice and Betsy.  Their Christmas card this year read, “All we want for Christmas is our four front teeth!”  Ha!
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