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Alex + Sebastian + Dominic

In the four years that have past since we’ve seen this crew……they have G-R-O-W-N.  Check my facebook page to see what I mean!

  • Alison Clarke - The pictures are so incredible. These are my wonderful
    Grandkids and they make me so proud and happy.
    Such a gifted photographer. Thank you.

  • Audrey Duffell - As always, Angela you have made me so happy. They are fantastic. Thank you….:-)

  • debbie - These photos took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. Oh how I miss you all. BEEEEUTEEEFUL!

  • Sandi Herrera - OMG Audrey! You look SO HOT! NO wonder I think moms are so frickin sexy!!! You look absolutely beautiful! And I love the first pic of the kids (that pic says IT ALL)!

  • Constance Schéré - My, my. How time flies ! You all look great. I can’t believe how handsome the boys are now ! And Alexandra looks so much like Audrey, it’s uncanny. Gros bisous, x.

  • Janet - These pics are great! Anglea does incredible work.

  • tardivel - Hello !!!

    Whaouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!! Which happiness to see you on these pictures !!!
    I hope that you go all very well !


    Delphine (the babysitter from chainaz !)

Angus + Remy + Mercer

Get ready for a mega-post!  This was a REALLY  fun session.  The connection that five year old Mercer has with his older bro and sis is just amazing.  (Angus is a senior and Remy is a junior in high school). Check out how much fun they have together!  It was all I could do to…

  • CHRISTY - Sa-weet! These are gorgeous. We are going to be in TX for a week in about a week and a half. Just wondering if you ever allow other photographers to tag along at a photoshoot. –your ever-adoring fan. 🙂

  • Amy - I came across your blog a few months back and just came on again today and saw these pictures. They are nothing short of amazing. The connections in these photos just make me want to tell that Mom she did something very right in raising these kids. Oh how ever will she choose!!!

Tom (14) + Mark (8)

Talk about a great mother’s day present! These guys came in on Friday afternoon to give mom just what she wanted…..portraits to match what we did of their brother and sister years ago at the same ages.  One commemorating his first communion, and the other his graduation from the eight grade. I had a lot…

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Kelly (14)+Rachel (13)+Ethan (7)+Caden (4)

Wow, we have really seen these guys grow up.  We started photographing them when Ethan was a bump in the belly.  And hello, he’s now in second grade!  This time around I’ll have to say the biggest accomplishment….is…getting dad to SMILE!  Yes!  He is such a tough guy…..a fireman, a bad a**, and a smirker…

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  • Alyse - You bring out the best in all of us! Thanks for the fabulous work you do and giving us a lifetime of memories….Can’t wait to see the rest!