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I’ll be honest- I get a nervy right before we photograph teens.  We are so used to the antics that get little kids energetic and ready for the camera, that I fear we will fall back into those habits and look like complete fools!  Couple that with the fact that many HS senior guys would…

  • Tracy LaPietra - Angie/Matt…the pictures are fantastic as always! They always look forward to seeing you guys!!
    Thanks so much..

  • Murphmania - Good lookin bunch

  • Zarins - Great shots, miss u

  • Carrie Ford - Great Pictures.. They look just like models!!
    Angela you are the best!!



One of our favorite yearly families we get to see!  This time we met up with them at the Dallas Arboretum to check out the Chihuly exhibits.  Beautiful!

  • Shelley Jaramillo - Just when I think it couldn’t get any better… Thank you Angela and Matt!
    I LOVE that Julie and George are included! THE most beautiful family EVER!!!
    Love you all!

  • Rudy Jaramillo - Great photos of my family! I am so proud!

  • Diane - What a beautiful family! Love to all…

  • Cindy Henderson Morriss - Such a precious family! Thanks for sharing these photos.

  • Janet Stuart - What a beautiful family! The love shines on all their faces. It is great to see them all together.

  • Cathy Zaccarello - Such a beautiful family – I love my Christmas card each year!
    So happy to see Julie and George in these!

  • Carla Foley - Gorgeous!!!

  • Diane D Brown - Not only a wonderful family, but a kind and loving one as well.

  • Lisa Henry - Wow! Such a beautiful setting for such a beautiful family. Happy, happy, happy!

  • Lisa Johnson - This is so beautiful! I look so forward to my Christmas card every year…great family photos! I love Julie and George in them…georgous family.

  • Willie Duff - Wow! Gorgeous! Everyone in the family could be a model! Great work, Angela.

  • Taunee Taylor - What a beautiful family! I love the colors and the combo with the exhibit. Gorgeous!

  • alicia schraeder - gorgeous!

  • Kellye O. - Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing Jules. Love ya, miss ya, Kell

  • Dr Cris Robinson - What a cool family you are.
    Beautiful on so many levels!
    I love watching these kids grow.
    You guys exude LOVE for each other!

  • Chloe Callender - These pictures are beautiful. Such a happy family!

  • Tom & Linda Spencer - Aren’t grandkids great! Oh…and mom and dad too. ; ) Beautiful photos…

  • Denise Cassavechia - OMG…..these pictures are AMAZING!!!!! Everyone looks gorgeous!!!!! Such a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!!! I love and miss you ALL sooooooo much!!!!!!

  • Pam IngrahamI - Gorgeous family!

  • David Hausterman - Shelly and Rudy you have beautiful family!! God Bless you and your family


Emily is a truly fun HS senior, who has the brightest future ahead of her.  Already having service mission trips to Central America and Africa under her belt, she also has a heart of gold.  Here she is, along with her brother Jackson.  🙂