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mara | dallas lifestyle newborn photographer

How sweet and adorable is this little angel? This session took place at Mara’s darling home in Lakewood, which made for a lifestyle session that we just loved. The lighting for the session was so perfect with that big, beautiful window in the gorgeous mid-century, modern nursery.  Swoon! Baby Mara was such an absolute joy to work…


I’ve been so excited to share these images….this has to be one of my favorite sessions of 2015!  Of course it was a treat to capture Drew and his family at their gorgeous home, but to have the opportunity to photograph a classic 1930-something Ford Woody?  Drew’s granddad collects Woodies, and gifted this one to Drew’s…

  • lori martin - Such amazing pictures! We had such a great time with the Weedon’s. Thank you for the memories.

  • Amy Barreiro - Beautiful photos of my beautiful family!!! In love with the one where Drew is looking in the side mirror of the car.

  • Lisa - Those are GORGEOUS!!! Of course my favorite is Drew jumping off the car 🙂 But they are all SO good!

  • Becky Clark - These are wonderful!! Such a great looking family.

  • Jarry Roessler - OK, We don’t want to brag too much but these photos and the people in them our just gorgeous! Wow! What more could be say.

    Grandpa and Grandma Roessler

  • Jarry Roessler - OK, We don’t want to brag too much but these photos and the people in them our just gorgeous! Wow! What more could we say.

    Grandpa and Grandma Roessler

  • Donna Roessler - The pictures are great what a beautiful family. I know you are pleased

  • Melanie Keough - I just adore this family and you have captured them so beautifully here.

  • Carol Shuck - No wonder the pictures are great….look at the subjects! Love all of them, but so Drew, jumping off the car!!

  • Daniel Keough - Great pictures of the family, house, and the woody.

  • Carol Shuck - Great subjects equal great pictures! So Drew jumping off the car…love it.

  • Ashley Carroll - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Kathleen Aycox - From the first setting with Drew less than 10 days old, to our adventure in Turtle Creek when he was 2 years old, to this magnificent ARTWORK that Angela created…is life imitating art or the other way around?

    So proud to call them mine. MiMi

  • Linda Baier - Beautiful family, beautiful pictures…..just breathtaking!

  • Kelley Waerness - Wow! Wow! Wow! Thanks for sharing. So many to love – the family shots, Drew, the Woody and let’s not forget photogenic, Aggie! Weeden does excellent work.

  • Camille - Love the pics of Drew and Aggie!!

  • Rod and Annie Davis - Loved seeing this beautiful family whom I’ve known since Jeff was just a teen. Enjoyed the artistic aspects of your presentation.


We have loved documenting these friends each and every year since they were born!  Do a quick search for Jake and Adrianna in the search box on the blog and you will see them through the years (along with their wonder dog, Hudson)…always so much FUN!