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A confession….

….we had never hired another photographer to capture our own family.  Except for our two children’s birth images that my good friend Kim took (which are amazing and I will cherish forever…), all the family portraits of us have involved either a.) a tripod, a cable release, and crossed fingers or b.) my brother snap,…

  • Ruth Williams - Love that moment Angie! You guys look SO.HAPPY!

  • jane - I can’t wait to see the rest!


Last week we had a great family vacation in Estes Park, Colorado.  We enjoyed crisp, blue skies, golden aspens in full glory and tons of elk.  This was or 6th trip to the YMCA of the Rockies, and the first time our kids were old enough to really enjoy all the fun activities offered….pony rides,…

  • jane - what beautiful pictures, and wonderful time you had! Love Cal’s big-boy-do!

  • Melanie - Oh my goodness! Those last two pics of Ava and Cal are just breath taking!!! Seriously . . . time, STOP! They are srowing up way too fast!


a couple snaps from yesterday of Ava and Cal… I look at the calendar and just CANNOT believe that it’s almost the end of September. AYKM? We are running DANGEROUSLY low on available appointments till the end of the year. ***SOOO…..If you are expecting a baby this fall and would just love to have some…

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  • kimberly deweese - You are killing me with anticipation. Where are the gift ideas?


On any given evening, around one a.m., I am typically working (obsessing?) on a clients’ album layout perched in my SPOT…..kicked back on the couch, laptop in place.  But every so often, I break (obsess?) to check my favorite photo blogs.   Matt says I have blog syndrome.   I know I need to work….

  • Christy@pipandsqueak - Angela, I used to see you in the nursing moms room at Northwest and had not looked at your website in quite some time. I did not even know you had a blog until I saw it featured on blogsofphotogs. It was fun to see it and say, “I know her”. I have added your blog to my reader as I am also obsessed with reading blogs. You can check mine out and add another to follow too.

  • cindy - I just came over from bogsofphotogs and wanted to say how great your work is and say hi!

  • admin - Hey Christy! I totally remember you! Cloth diapers, right? So good to see you have a new little one too! Thanks for the message, I’ll be sure to check up on you and your blog too!

    Hey Cindy! Thanks for stopping by! We’ll be in Phoenix area next month photographing some baseball families. They have some awesome houses overlooking mountians and stuff….but I’m also looking for a good desert state park-like setting. Think giant cactus and the like. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Kelly - Saw you on blogs of photogs and wanted to say congrats! You’re work is beautiful! -Kelly

  • Rebeca - Love your pictures. You are one of the best photographers. I liked your pictures but now I like you even better when I find out that you support the DPRC. I volunteer at a pregnancy center, the Downtown Pregnancy Center in downtown Dallas. Great job! I am a photographer-wanna-be and also obsessed at looking at photographer’s blogs. 🙂