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Our daughter’s second grade project this fall was to send her little “buddy” Flat Stanley to a friend or family member far far away.  When Stanley returns, he tells the story of the places he saw and the people he met. Well, I think Ava’s Flat Stanley got the trip of a lifetime.  Wouldn’t you…

  • Heidi Stone Photography - Seriously cracking up over that last picture! So great.

    Looks like Flat Stanley had an awesome trip!

  • Tira J - OMG!!!! How awesome is this? You had me at Flat Stanley! He is quite the world traveler. Oiy and James live in a beautiful part of the world. The last photo is priceless. Thanks for making me smile today Ava & Angie! 🙂

  • Jennifer Mulligan - I saw this when you posted it – but it still cracks me up!!! How nice of James!! I laughed out loud – this is awesome…

I am tragically bad at processing, printing, and sharing the images I take of our own family.  I have so many in this computer….they just need to get out!  Here are some snaps from a morning a couple weeks ago.  The bond my kids have with their cousins is so amazing, and we love watching…

  • Nate Henderson - Hey Angie, Laura and I are so often like you: take all these family shots, then never show them to anyone or get any prints! Love to see all the cousins growing up together; I’m hoping my brother and sister in law “hurry up” so our kids aren’t 10 years older than theirs!

  • heidi @ indy photography - love them!

    and…please know that you’re SO not alone.

  • Lisa Ellis - Wow!! These look beautiful, the kids have such a great time together and these photos capture that… They do better and better each year at getting there pictures taken! Maybe by the time they are 16, they might really enjoy it!!
    Thanks so much Ang for taking these, love ya!

There is a great new blog site just for us!  Miss Emily Potts is doing a great job of coming up with wonderful content each day for those of us mamas who really mean business.   I did an interview for the blog a couple days ago….check it out;  scroll back a few days to…

  • Jacqueline - Such great advice! I love how open you are, Angie. You rock!

  • admin - thanks jacqueline!

  • Janet - What an honour to be asked, Angie! I so enjoyed reading your article. Thank you! I’ve been taking your advice to heart and have been seeing improvements! Thank you.

What an amazing weekend we had!!!  After building the world’s greatest snowman on Thursday night, we awoke to a FOOT of snow on the ground on Friday!!  Surely a gift from God, as this is Dallas people!  I have so many more pics to share, but thanks to inspiration from my friend, Ruth, we put…

  • Stacey R - So jealous of all your snow! Love the card! You signed it with such a sweet font! Do you mind sharing what font you used? Thanks!

  • angie - thanks stacy, the font is called “coral”

  • Stacey R - Thanks, Angie!

Happy Sunday everyone!  Yea go Colts!  It was an exciting afternoon for this fair weather fan….we donned our Colts gear and cheered them onto the Superbowl.   I’m really not a football fan AT ALL, but, being a Hoosier it’s exciting just the same. So, I was surfing around the web today (during commercial breaks, of…

  • tami - i’ve followed your blog for a while now and love each and every post! BUT, it’s this post that brought this lurker out! thank you for posting this. i had NO idea what went into a photography business and respect those like yourself. thank you for sharing yourself and your work for us to admire!

  • Christy Lynn - Thanks so much for this post. I have been reading your blog for sometime now and have learned so much from you. Your willingness to share your knowledge has been wonderful! Thanks again.

  • Kelli - Hi Angie, you were so kind to answer my questions several months ago via email- I would LOVE to participate in a mentoring session with you and would definitely be interested in hearing more details about what you are thinking of offering!

  • Amy - Fabulous post and link. Shannon really hit the nail on the head. I will link to it as well. Thanks so much!

  • Melissa D - thanks for sharing! i would SOO love to learn more about a mentoring session! please keep me posted.

  • Melissa - I have been looking for someone to do a mentoring session with me for quite a few months now in this area. Please, please, please let me know if you decide to do more!!! I am beyond interested. Here is my website if you want to see what I have done so far (which isn’t much!).
    Right now I am just taking pictures of my friends and their children without charging so that I can get practice.
    Thank you so much for this post!

  • Reagan - I am very intrested in a mentoring session!!!! You were reading my mind… I was thinking about emailing you yesterday and asking about a phone or in person consultation. Please let me know the details. SO EXCITED!!!
    Thanks so much,

  • Janet Pliszka - Thank you so much for your post, Angie. There is such truth in Shannon’s comments and think it’s wonderful she shared her thoughts. For all business owners finding the balance between keeping your company successful and spending quality time with your family (both children and spouse) is a huge challenge. Thank you for carving the time into your schedule to mentor me. I am absolutely thrilled to meet you and learn from you next month and sooooooo appreciate you welcoming me into your studio. Can’t wait. eeekkkk. And darn it, your Stars beat our Flames tonight!!!

  • dustin - Angie, you guys are great, and you have a big heart to share with us who are not as far into this little adventure. Being the recipient of some great advice from you in the past, I appreciate what you do…and I always get inspiration from your work.