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Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve shared any images to the blog!  Oops.  It’s not because we haven’t been taking any images, in fact my camera has been smoking!  I’ll do better sharing all that’s been going on, starting with this post.

Many people know that our whole family had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit India last year, when I was asked to document an amazing nonprofit started by friends of ours there. Last week, I got to go again (this time without Matt and the kids), and once again I was charmed by the people and moved by their experience.

Ark of the Rainbow is a school and community center in a slum of Bangalore, serving some incredible people and making a big difference in so many lives.  At its core, the mission of Ark is to educate the children of a very vulnerable community, where the threats of human trafficking and sex slavery are very real. The beauty of educating these little ones (especially the girls) goes beyond those threats, as the practice of underage marriage and teen pregnancy also decrease significantly with increased education. What we are seeing is a whole community changing for the better with this sweet school~ after school Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs minister to adolescents, a Women’s Club supports the ladies of the community with issues we cannot even fathom in our culture, and a free weekly clinic provides health care to those unable to afford it otherwise. It has been an honor to be a part of something so meaningful.

The school is funded fully by donations and child sponsorships are available for anyone wanting to support a child’s education!  Just $250 a year or $20 a month provides the school, supplies, uniforms, daily healthy meals, health checkups, and family support for a kid in need. By sponsoring a child, you also get to have a sweet relationship with them, communicating through letters and pictures throughout the year. Ark also provides college scholarships for girls in the Girls Club. Can you believe just $300 provides an entire year’s tuition? Amazing. Currently there are four young women who are benefitting from the college scholarship program, but there are more deserving girls whose future could forever be brighter if given the opportunity. More information can be found on their website.

Onto some images!  It is the most joyful place on the planet…a place where my cheeks hurt for hours from smiling so much. The contrast from inside the school to outside is stark.  See for yourself.


Matt and I met in the Turks and Caicos Islands back in 1995.  The opportunity to study marine biology in the Caribbean during my junior year in college was about the best thing to ever happen to me!  (Anyone out there interested in an incredible field study program for college students ought to consider The School for Field Studies.  It’s amazing.)  Now that our kids are old enough and are super great snorkelers, we thought it was time to take them back to where it all began!  Grand Turk is a sleepy island with just a few basic dive resorts, great beaches, clear turquoise waters, and in the winter months, migrating humpback whales.   We had HOPED to get the opportunity to see some whales, but had NO IDEA how lucky we would get!  It was an amazing trip, as the islands feel like home to Matt and me.    (We highly recommend Bohio Dive Resort for those that want a basic, friendly, laid back, unpretentious beach vacation.  Oh and the food is outstanding!)

One more link for ya.  My kids are in a REALLY anti-getting-their-pictures-taken mode right now.  The new Olympus TG-1iHS camera we got for the trip was awesome!  Since I wasn’t too worried about taking amazing pictures of the kids with a huge camera (they RUN away from me when I have it out), I was happy the point and shoot did so great.  It’s water proof to 40 feet, shock proof and sand proof too.  No shutter delay, and an f 2.0 lens!

Disclaimer- I hate how I have to watermark all the pictures on the blog like this.  But there are some crazy people stealing all sorts of pictures on the web and pinterest, which makes watermarking necessary 🙁

This precious baby boy is our little nephew.  And he could NOT be more perfect!  We are so very happy for Matt’s brother, Luke and our sweet sister in law, Lauren.  Love you guys!!  And thanks for putting up with me kissing on and fawning over Sy…..there are many more years of that to come!

I promise I normally restrain myself from kissing all the babies I get to see each day!!  But this one I could not resist.

So, it just now dawned on me that I never posted our own family’s pics from December!  Blame it on being brain dead during the holidays……but better late than never, right?  Clients always ask Matt and I how we ever get photos of the four of us together….and….hello!  We hire a photographer too!  😉

This time around, I was sooooo excited to book Bobbi+Mike, a photo team out of my hometown of Indianapolis.  They are a super fun couple that do an amazing job of showing the emotion and happiness of both weddings and families.  We had  a BLAST getting photo’d by the two of them while they were in Austin.  Ava and Cal were ridiculously  fired up and crazy; I seriously have no idea what they were on that day.

Even though I  joke that “the cobblers children have no shoes” (in regard to the fact that Ava and Cal would rather eat broccoli and brush their teeth for 30 minutes than have me point the camera at them)……I will ALWAYS make a point to have our own family’s life documented each year just as I recommend for our own clients.  It is so very important, don’t you agree?

Here’s us…..just as we were December 4, 2010:



Long time no blog.  I mean REALLY long time!

I so wish I could catch up a bit and show our amazing families some peeks from their sessions from the past couple weeks…there have been so so many!  I had the highest of hopes for blogging past sessions as we traveled as a family to California this past week.  But… it most always does this time of the year… got in the way.  In a good way, of course.

We still contend that we have the BEST job ever…..going to the beach to photograph 5  favorite families and staying in amazing hotels and bringing our kids along too?  Heaven.  Thanksgiving at Disneyland?  Yes please.

Well, as I try to dig myself out of the giant pile of work before me…..I just need to share some images of our own.  We are so blessed and thankful…..

{They call themselves the polar bear club.  It was FREEZING.  I swear we’re  getting them little wet suits the next time we head to San Diego}