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Celia’s parents found us through a common bond that we have….we had our precious babies at the same midwife-run birthing center. The way that Matt and I brought our kids into the world is so dear to us, and its the same way that Celia’s parents feel about her birth. So it was neat to…

  • Christy - Curious–which lens do you use most? I’m wanting to upgrade. I can’t afford to get my dream lens right now, but I need something better than what I have right now. I’m leaning toward the 24-70 2.8. I like having a longer lens for kids, but maybe I just need to get used to it. Any recommendations

  • Angie - Hi Christy! I use a variety of lenses, but I think I use my 24-70mm 2.8 most in the studio with my 70-200 2.8 most outdoors. I also am a big fan of my 100mm 2.8 macro for my closeups. I just got the 14 mm 2.8 which is crazy wide and fun to play around with. When my arm is hurting and I just need a little rest, I throw on the 85 mm 1.8. BUT…I think I’d recommend the 24-70mm 2.8 as a great all around lens to start with!

  • Christy - Thank you for sharing your advice.

    I really, really admire your work!

Playing Catch-up

I am a bit behind in showing some sneak peeks from last weeks’ sessions. But we had such wonderful kiddos and images last week, I just need to go ahead and show off the fun we had…. Caroline (5)+ Adare (2) Another gorgeous day in the park! Smily, fun, and curious, we had a ton…

  • Anonymous - Angie,
    The few photos Mark & I have seen of baby Mark are breathtaking. We can’t wait to see more. Your work speaks for itself and is well worth it. We absolutely loved them. Thank you for the update.

    Mark & Bernadette

  • Mikki - Angie & Matt –
    I LOVE these photos. Isabelle was quite the spitfire last Friday, glad to see that you were able to rein her in for some wonderful shots! We are so excited to see the rest of them and add to our “Weedon Collection” that we started 3 years ago.
    Jeff & Mikki

  • Anonymous - These photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The babies look so precious!

Love, love, love…..

…Lleyton (5) , Lilly (3) and Logan (1). There is so much that I love about these guys: their sweet family has been with us since we worked out of the small back room in our first home and it seems like we have evolved and grown right along with them. Beth and I had…

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  • Chrsity - I love the pictures as usual. The light on the second and third shots is just amazing. Really like the family portraits, too!

Back to the park!

After a few rain outs, we are finally back to the park for the first time this spring! After shooting here regularly since 2000, we still have not found a place we like better. It has it all….great morning and midday light, a beautiful creek, bridges and stone work like crazy, climbing trees, roly polys,…


Being from the mid west, when I think fall… October…..I think fall color. Still after living in Dallas for 8 years, you’d think that I’d remember each year that we get well, December color. So strange to me, but still an awesome surprise each year. This fab family with the tree-on-fire was shot on our…